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Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am evolving & expanding in all facets of my life from spirituality, relationships, health, career, living environment, finances, etc. Here are some of my interests and areas I would love to master in my life.

Remembering who I am and enjoying the trickle down effect (magic of life and manifestation) as a result of consciously staying connected to my spirit.

Self love, Motherhood, Romance

Raw food nutrition, Holistic fitness/yoga, Self help injury rehab, Massage, Detoxification,

Career/ Value
How I give back to the world & sharing the lessons and solutions I have experienced in my life. One way is through my videos and blog posts. ;)

Live debt free, create abundance through multiple streams of passive income, use wealth wisely

Living Environment
Biodynamic edible landscaping & creating a home as a personal wellness retreat