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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolution: ME!

Here is a picture of me last year where I was at my ideal.
I weighed: 108-110. My measurements were: 34-25-35
I did lots of internal cleansing with milk thistle, dandelion, and lemon. I worked out training 2 times a week and a 2 hour power yoga session at least once a week. I also was drinking 1 1/2 gallons of herbal tea or water a day. I did not eat until I had worked out. I earned my breakfast. I made my meals last a minimum of 20 minutes, I chewed until liquid and I ate to keep me from being hungry rather than being full. I took lots of green supplements as well as kelp for my thyroid.

Well, time passed, I changed my diet to vegan. I started eating lots of grains, beans and starches. I also stopped working out as regularly. I became more sedentary, working on the computer and more inconsistent with my eating. All my good habits slowly disappeared. So, here is where that took me. This is my starting point now:

Age: 32
Height: 65.25 inches
Weight: 133.6
BMI: 22.1
Frame: small
Type: Meso- Endo

Waist: 28.75
Navel: 31.75
Upper Thigh( up 9" left): 23
Calf( down 4" left): 13.50
Upper Arm( down 6" left): 11

Maybe now you can understand why I am feeling so blah! about my body. It is time to get those good habits back and rock out a hard body.

I am not one to wait until New Years to take on a new project. I usually do them as I see fit. However, there is so much energy in the New Year that I thought I would take advantage of it and make ME my New Years Resolution. I feel that the number one thing that bothers me in my life is my body. I know that may sound weird to some who watch my videos, but being very invested in health I know that I am not in optimal physical condition. This wears away at my self esteem and my confidence. I tend to avoid social events. Sometimes, I realize I am being ridiculous and I get out and just live life regardless of how my pants fit or what the scale says in the morning. I feel like I am somewhat of a hypocrite if I do not emulate all that I educate to others. So, if it bothers me this much I might as well do something about it. Not only is health my profession, it is a passion of mine. I find that in my free time I am learning more and more about living a healthy life. I would pay to learn more and try different therapy modalities. If I was a billionaire I would still invest in my health. You just can't take it out of me, no matter what, health is going to be a major role in my life. It only makes sense, if you don't have your health you really don't have a foundation to build your life upon. I truly feel that when you start with your body and clear out the garbage and fill up on the good stuff that it enables the mind to become clearer. We can take in more information, our focus and concentration is improved as well as our memory. When the mind is clear it is much easier to feel our spiritual connection and follow a life path that is truly satisfying. As we jump start the body, the mind opens and the inspiration flows through us. The whole mind-body-spirit approach is addressed just by improving our health.

It makes sense to make this the number one step in personal development. Steve Pavlina is a huge advocate of 30 day trials. So, I thought I'd give it a shot myself.I have done 30 days on a raw food diet. My plan is to expand on that.

The plan for the next 30 days are as follows:
  1. Exercise a minimum of 60 minutes daily
  2. Consume a minimum of 3 qts of water daily
  3. Consume greens & kelp
  4. Complete a purification program
I have been doing some of these for a while, but I am not consistent on a daily basis. That's where blogging and video comes in handy. I need the accountability to stick with this and what better way than to go public. It's not very fun sharing an out of shape bikini picture with the world. I can't wait to share my in shape bikini picture, though. I am keeping my eyes on the prize!

I will be posting regular daily updates on my progress, what I am experiencing, learning and so forth. I will also include my weigh in weight, my measurements, BMI, food log and workout log!

What are you waiting for? Do you have a rocking hard body? If not, get to it! Let's do this together!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 10 Daily Commitments

With New Years around the corner I thought I'd nail myself down to a few commitments before I enter the year. I have found that being wishy washy only stresses me out emotionally and I never get the things I wanted to accomplish done. Here are the commitments so I don't play these head games like, " Am I gonna workout today?" , "Am I going to eat all raw today?", etc... Once I make up my mind, the rest is easy. It's the head games of indecision that haunt me.

Before I make any commitments I should know what the desired end results are. Here are the biggies:

Major Life Categories
1. Health: Bikini Body (purification, raw food, yoga, dance, surf, snowboard)
2. Relationships: Manifest a Man
3. Career/Purpose: Create value & build a successful online presence
4. Finances: Eliminate all debt & generate multiple streams of passive income
5. Living Environment: Expand my gardening/edible landscape
6. Fun & Recreation: see bucket list (see earlier blog)
7. Personal Growth: live honestly, honorably, and immaculately

I will make an effort in each of the above "life categories" each week.

As for the daily basics, the following are the little things I want to have as solid habits.

Daily 10 Commitments
1. water
2. greens
3. exercise
4. get in the sun
4. gratitude journal & visualization
5. do something fun & that makes me laugh or feel really good
6. hug & kiss my kids, smile more & make eye contact when out & about
7. post a blog, video, photo
8. keep immaculate financial records
9. floss & skin brush
10. make my bed & deep clean something

Monday, December 22, 2008

Featured on We Like It Raw

Recently, Dhrumil from We Like It Raw asked if I would be interested in being featured in "My Way". I was thrilled. It was even more exciting to see it posted up. Check it out: My Way.

Reflecting 2008 and Creating 2009

The holidays are here and so is the spirit of love, reflection, gratitude and giving. I feel very thankful to be where I am today and for the life that I have. I am excited about new projects and ideas that I have planned up my sleeve. I am changing things up a little bit. This year I really made an effort to reach out online and connect with more like minded people. I have found wonderful communities, created a youtube account, began a blog, and started having a website designed. I hope to have it up and running in the next couple months.

I had many goals this year & I shared them on gaia. Now, I am reflecting and enjoying my growth this past year, along with creating new improvements in my life.

Nutrition Goals 2008
I did pretty good. I made excellent efforts at going raw and shared some of my experiences on youtube. I understand the power of greens in the diet. I am much more aware of emotional eating patterns. I want to heal my thyroid.

For 2009
I am seriously interested in experimenting with the 80/10/10 diet and I plan on posting videos on a purification program as well. I want to eat more from my garden. :)

Fitness 2008 Goals
Through training for a triathlon I found myself a bit uninterested. Initially, I was excited with the thought, but when it came down to it, I just didn't love running, biking and swimming laps. So, after some reflecting I rediscovered my passion for dancing and started taking dance classes in hip hop and Latin. I realize I have always loved to dance and I kind of forgot about it when I was training at the gym. As I child I loved to dance, as a teen I loved to dance, as a young adult I was an exotic dancer and I loved going out to clubs and shakin' my thang 'til 2 am. When I lived in Hawaii I took up swing dancing. So, I am thankful to be reconnecting to dancing. I have been working out very regularly( sometimes 6 times a week) since August including yoga once or twice a week, which is another activity I enjoy.

For 2009
I never did create that home studio that I mentioned last year. The other night I envisioned creating my studio in my formal dining room. It rarely is used and so I thought I could clear out the table and set up a bar, pole, mirror and cool lighting. I could do all my training, dancing and yoga very conveniently. It could also be a "set" for upcoming videos. Snowboarding season is here and of course I am going to enjoy that. Last summer I didn't surf at all, mostly because I felt insecure with my body, this year I want to get out on those waves!

Career Goals 2008
I took a bit of a shift in my goals and moved more towards growing online and creating passive forms and multiple streams of income. Technically, I have published my writings via blogs. last year I did have a 12 week optimal health challenge that I look forward to improving on this year.

For 2009
I want my website Inspire2Act.com up and running with awesome content! I also want to be consistent with videos, blogs, and articles. I want a business that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Who wants to be limited by geography? I want to inspire unlimited potential! I want to share more of my life, be a living example, and pass along gems I have learned in my life. I have received some excellent feedback and I am expanding my videos and blogs. I am bringing more consistency and organization to what I want to share with the world. I have so many interests and aspects to my life I decided to open the door to more of my life.

Relationship Goals 2008
I have met some amazing people this year in person and online. Some of my role models and many people whom I admire. I see a shift in the people I interact with and I am pleased with whom I am now attracting. I have a wonderful relationship with my children and I have even made an effort to reconnect with their father. While we are not romantic partners it is wonderful to understand each other better and to be able to be a team in raising our kids. I still have not entered a romantic relationship and honestly the more time goes by the more awkward I feel when men give me attention. I realized that I have not created room for a man to enter my life. I am considering sharing this experience on video as well. However, I have not decided completely.

For 2009
I am allowing a wonderful man to enter my life and share experiences with. I want to maintain my independence and remember past learning lessons. I want him to be a part of my life, not my reason for existence. I want us to synergize and be on the same page. I be able to say the to him what I learned from Abraham & Esther Hicks on non attachment. I want to enjoy his strengths.

2008 Finances
I really didn't experience much of a change in this department. It just wasn't a focus. I realize now that money coming into my life is merely a token of what I have contributed and given. Therefore, I must have been stingy with my knowledge and experience.

For 2009
I am going to take better care into recording and documenting my financial growth, as well as becoming a more conscious consumer. I want to share more with others in a more global fashion (via the web) and set up a strong financial foundation.

Other Goals
Work on green living projects for the home
Expand the garden into an edible landscape
Go paperless
Expand & Share

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Green Smoothie

Can you believe how much spinach is in this thing? I did add more peaches and if I had another banana I would have added that too. My son did like it less sweet though.

I have noticed my kids are more receptive to green smoothies if they make it. They used to cringe at the sight of a green smoothie, but now that we are making them daily, they don't even think about it. I know color plays a huge role in how we perceive something to taste. It seems to work best that all our smmothies are green right now, because I am sure if I made a pink smoothie they would think it tasted better. Maybe I should do a blindfolded experiment and do a taste test... sounds fun. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Raw Vegan Massaged Spinach Salad

Kids are so much fun. I love teaching my children how to care for their bodies and make healthy meals. Now, having recipes on video make it is really going to help them remember. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nov 2008 Garden Update

I have so much to learn. I am at least trying. Here is my raised 4x4 beds filled with easter egg radishes, gourmet blend beets and carrots. Someday, I will have a flourishing garden, til then it's a work in progress, :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Being a Conscious Consumer

I can't help but wonder what my shopping habits have on the world. If I can do anything to turn it around....I will.....wait, I am . :)

Learning to Live with Less

This is a blog I did earlier this year and with the holidays approaching I feel it is worth repeating. Rather than buying "stuff" just for the sake of giving a gift, put some consciousness into what this epidemic is creating. If you care about the health of this planet, then BE THE CHANGE NOW! Don't buy it. Don't feel that your value is in materialistic goods. After all, it will only end up in a landfill someday. Do good with your money, make a difference. Put power in your purchases.

Anyhow....here is the blog..ENJOY!

I recently watched "Human Footprint" on National Geographic. I had received an email from someone suggesting to watch this program. Funny, I had forgotten about the recommendation and a few days later I felt the urge to turn on the TV (which is very rare in my home). Synchronicity was in full effect as this program had just started and my TV was set on that channel. TOO COOL! I was meant to watch this!

This program was truly eye opening to what we are consuming and wasting. At one moment I felt like throwing up with disgust of wastefulness and another moment I felt happy that I did not fall into many of the wasteful patterns of the average American. This program has changed my life and the direction I am headed in.

If you have not seen this I highly recommend it! Imagine there was no trash service and you couldn't dump your things somewhere else and it stayed on your home over an entire lifetime. Is it OK to buy things and dump somewhere else so they are no longer in our face? Is trash service really doing us a service? Dumping our waste somewhere else is only enabling us to consume more that really isn't doing anyone a world of good.

How can I turn this around? I have to say going on a plant based diet has eliminated almost all my trash. I rarely need trash service. I don't eat things in a box or can, just stuff that usually grows out of the ground. I have decided that living with less and planting more gardens is a way that I can make a difference in this situation. I must take full responsibility for all my actions and that includes what I am buying. Is it really for the good of the whole? I know food out of a can or box isn't good for me or the environment. I know I have been conditioned to think I need a new car every 2 years and a constantly updated wardrobe, but after seeing this program I can't help but feel I need to turn things around and do something good rather than contribute to the worlds pollution. I have MANY things I can do. Rather than feeling overwhelmed I will take one step at a time.

Now, I must admit I am even shocked I am saying these things. I have never been a huge environmentalist. I have always had a healthy respect for the earth, yet it seems that as I evolve so does my desire to do good. I desire to help people and the environment. My family laughs and calls me a hippie (did I even spell it right?)...hmmm....I dunno, I just feel like my wake up call became a bit more apparent.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Green Stuff

Here is an update on my "Peas on Earth" raw food challenge. My goal was not to eat 100% raw, but rather to take in the proper amount of hydration (water) and 2 bunches of greens. I think when I went raw originally I was overwhelmed with the changes that I missed the core of our dietary intake.My appetite and emotions are much more balanced on the greens. I am learning to break emotional eating patterns and eat for nourishment.

I also go into the other "green stuff" aka: MONEY! I have a few thoughts on how we obtain it, how we spend it, and the state of our economy.

Agave Adversity and More

This is not a shocker for me. I started noticing that I felt spun out after having agave. Something within me... that little voice said, this was not as healthy as it is touted to be. However, it was all over all the raw communities & I went with it. That's what I get for ignoring my intuition.

Watch this video for more info:

Here is another great article that goes into more detail:

So, honey seems to be the next option or just the sweetness of the fruit itself. I know I have used dates in the past as well. I am not too sure what to think about yacon root syrup or maple. Perhaps, it is best to avoid all things in a bottle or box and just go with the fruit itself.

This is not the only thing that I have had issues with. Have you noticed that vinegar has a warning label stating that it contains lead? What is up with that? I stopped using balsamic vinegar well over a year ago after noticing the label. I thought it was only that type of vinegar, until last week I stumbled upon my "organic" white wine vinegar. It had the same warning. I was pissed. I felt like a fool. However, after I cooled off I realized I am thankful I now know.

I used to use vinegars in salad dressings. Now it will be lemon juice. I have not seen any labels or warnings on raw apple cider vinegar and I am not to sure how it is made in comparison to the other vinegars. Back to nature is the safest. The less that has been done to it the better.

A few months ago I switched from vanilla extract to vanilla bean. I also realized through my own experience that cacao was detrimental to my health. It had a mind speed like response to me. My heart would race and then I would crash. I felt that this was a legal drug. Now, I know it is huge in the raw community, but I need to listen to my own heart and not be swayed by what others are doing.

Recently, I have been weaning myself off oils. Yep, it's the same thing. I would rather eat the fat in the whole form such as coconut, avocados, bananas. I have mixed feelings about olives. I have seen some articles saying that lye is used during the process. That doesn't sound too healthy to me. I need to do more research, but this is how I am feeling now. I also have mixed feelings about nuts and seeds. I just feel "down" when I have them. Maybe I am eating too many.The perfect balance is quite a journey.

I am so thankful I took on the raw lifestyle. I am becoming more aware of what is going into my body. I am more in tune than I ever have been. I can only imagine where I will be in 5 years from now.

Here is a video I made not too far into my raw journey where I was questioning the integrity of raw products.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Me? Twitter? Really?

Ok, I love to know what awesome people are up to. I know twitter is an awesome way to get mini updates without requiring much time at all. Online social networking is accelerating so fast.

So, considering I have devoted more time recently into an online presence... I thought to myself...Why not twitter myself?

So, to those who may find it interesting to see what I am doing.... come and check it out!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Live Your Life..Instead of Chasin' That Paper!

This was the very first song that came on in the car when I went to take my kids to gymnastics. How freaking appropriate is this? Love who you are. Stop trying to please others or find approval in others. This song is contagious! No wonder it's number one on the charts right now. Awesome message!

So watch out.....cuz I am living my life for ME....like it or not, it isn't for you. If you don't like what I am doing... work on your own life. We are who we are. Embrace it, make the best of yourself, and rock out!

Be thankful for where you are and what you've got!

You're gonna be a shining star, fancy clothes, fancy car-ars.
And then you'll see, you're gonna go far.
Cause everyone knows, who you are-are.
So live your life, ay ay ay.
Instead of chasing that paper.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
Ain't got no time for no haters.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
No telling where it'll take you.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
Cause I'm a paper chaser.
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)

Nevermind what haters say, ignore em 'til they fade away.
Amazing they ungreatful after all the game I gave away.
Safe to say I paid the way, for you cats to get paid today.
You'd still be wasting days away, now had I never saved the day.
Consider them my protégé, homage I think they should pay.
Instead of being gracious, they violate in a major way.
I never been a hater still I love them in a crazy way.
Some say they sold yah and no they couldn't even work on Labor day.
It aint that they black or white, their hands in areas the shades of grey.
I'm West side anyway, even if I left today and stayed away.
Some move away to make a way not move away cause they afraid.
I brought back to the hood and all you ever did was take away.
I pray for patience but they make me want to melt their face away.
Like I once made them spray, now I could make em put the k's away.
Been thuggin' all my life, can't say I don't deserve to take a break.
your would rather see me catch a case and watch my future fade away.

You're gonna be a shining star, fancy clothes, fancy car-ars.
And then you'll see, you're gonna go far.
Cause everyone knows, who you are-are.
So live your life, ay ay ay.
Instead of chasing that paper.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
Ain't got no time for no haters
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
No telling where it'll take you.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
Cause I'm a paper chaser.
Just living my life.

I'm the opposite of moderate, immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid.
Allergic to the counterfeit, impartial to the politics.
Articulate but still I'll grab a nigga by the collar quick.
Whoever having problems with their record sales just holla 'tip.
If that don't work and all else fails, then turn around and follow 'tip.
I got love for the game but ay I'm not in love with all of it.
Could do without the fame and rappers nowadays are comically.
The hootin' and the hollerin', back and forth with the arguing.
Where you from, who you know, what you make and what kind of car you in.
Seems as though you lost sight of whats important when depositing them checks into your bank account and you up out of poverty.
Your values is in disarray, prioritizing horribly.
Unhappy with the riches cause you piss poor morally.
Ignoring all prior advice and fore warning.
And we mighty full of ourselves all of a sudden, aren't we?

You're gonna be a shining star, fancy clothes, fancy car-ars.
And then you'll see, you're gonna go far.
Cause everyone knows, who you are-are.
So live your life, ay ay ay.
Instead of chasing that paper.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
Ain't got no time for no haters
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
No telling where it'll take you.
Just live your life (Oh!), ay ay ay.
Cause I'm a paper chaser.
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)
Just living my life (ay), my life (oh), my life (ay), my life (oh)

Got everybody watchin what I do
Come walk in my shoes
And see the way I'm livin if you really want to
Got my mind on my money
And I'm not goin nowhere
So keep on gettin your paper
And keep on climbing
Look in the mirror and keep on shining
Till the game ends, till the clock stops
We gon' post up on the top spot
Livin the life, the life
In a brand new city got my whole team with me
The life, my life
I do what I wanna do
I'm livin my life, my life
I will never lose, I'm livin my life, my life
And I'm not stopping

So live your life!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gratitude: A Cure For Depression

It is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE to be depressed and grateful at the same time! Think about that every time you are feeling blue. Shift your focus on what you have. It's another way of taking an inventory of your life and discovering what you do have. This is perfect to do once a life detox has taken place. The garbage is gone, now let's see the good stuff .

Thanksgiving is coming around the corner and rather than stuffing my face with food, I'm filling up my soul with thanks. Don't be fooled into thinking this is the only time I reflect on the things I am thankful for. I keep a daily gratitude journal. I write in it almost every night before I fall asleep. It makes for an easy transition into sleep and beautiful dreams.

I think of the things that would affect me if they disappeared from my life tomorrow. Here are my top 10 ranked

1. My kids
2. Their father... if I had a romantic partner he'd be here too!
3. My family
4. My friends
5. My pets
6. My clients
7. My health & well being (I suppose this should be number one, since it affects how I am able to relate and contribute to those listed above.)

Big Time Bummers
8. My home
9. My car
10. My journals, home videos, and photographs

OK, OK....I know I said ten, but I had to throw this in there too.

11. The Internet, my computer & cell phone (Funny, because these are just means to stay connected to the relationships mentioned above. )

These are the things I really need to nurture and really remember to appreciate. I know that all those things I mentioned above are not permanent. I will eventually lose them all. EVERYTHING! It makes me think....am I really enjoying them? Am I really making the most of them. Do they know how much I care?

On the other hand, I feel less of a need for other materialistic belongings. I mean really, if I have all the above listed things in my life, the extra "stuff" just might be a distraction or clutter in my life. Truth is, we only use about 20% of what we own. Back to purging! Living light inspires the soul.

Ten More Things I Am Thankful For
1. The experience of Motherhood & being a woman
2. Living during these times & technology
3. My knowledge and experiences
4. My health, beauty, energy, able body
5. My dreams and direction
6. A connection to a higher power & sense of self
7. Living in safety, where the sun shines and the weather is warm
8. My time
9. Being well received by others
10. Unlimited Potential

What about being grateful for the hardships and life challenges?

5 Challenges that I overcame & made me who I am today.
1. Poverty & Abuse
2. Shoplifting
3. Exotic dancing
4. Failed relationships
5. Single motherhood

5 Current Challenges I am experiencing today & being thankful for the opportunity to grow & learn from them.
1. Financial burdens... I want to live free from financial obligations
2. Weight gain.... I want to feel secure in my own skin and celebrate physical health
3. Self esteem....I want to feel confident in who I am and what I am capable of
4. Discipline & Focus...I want to stay on task so I can experience the things in life that really matter most to me.
5. Being single... I want to grow and share life with a life partner.

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Shifts in My Actions

Continuing on from Detoxing my Life....

So, now that I had a clear slate, it was time to fill up my life with the things that positively contributed to my well being. It's funny what you experience when you break down years of conditioning. I felt alive, on purpose and in love with life. The more I did what I said I would do, the more my self empowerment grew.

The Shift in My Thoughts
I felt inspired to write. I have always been a person who journals, but I felt an even stronger desire to write. It brought a sense of clarity. I found that I would often soothe my own concerns just by writing them down. I wrote about my new thoughts and my new direction in life. I felt that the world was mine to explore and anything was possible. I had many insightful experiences and I kept a notebook next to my bed to jot down what I felt compelled to write. I wrote so much that I filled several binders. To this day I wonder if I will ever publish them.

The Shift in My Awareness
I have a book called Power Vs Force. Before, I would never really be able to FEEL the highest levels of consciousness. I could read the description, but there was no connection with it. Then during one of my days in solitude I read the levels from lowest to highest. It took me through each emotion and when I read the enlightenment description I was swelling, I felt like I was going to burst. Tears of euphoria were streaming down my face and the closest description I can give that I felt at that time was like a drawn out orgasm.

The Shift in My Perception
I became very sensual. Life slowed down. I noticed everything! I utilized my senses and observed the weather, the plants, the smells, the feel of various textures, beautiful music and images. I remember feeling so lucky to be alive.

The Shift in my Diet
I experienced phases of fasting that went on over a period of 4-6 months. It was almost automatic, I didn't think about it. If the inspiration to do something arose, I did it immediately. My thought never entered the process. Purification felt effortless and a pleasure. I envisioned my body dumping any past baggage. I drank tons of herbal tea. Hydration was my focus. I wanted to keep my liver clean so my teas were mainly milk thistle and dandelion, as well as blends of herbs for detoxification. I made sure I was eliminating too so I drank salt water in the morning or I took an herbal laxative before bed. Looking back, I realize I drank about 2 gallons of liquid a day. I suppose that is why I was able to drop from weighing 119 to 108 in no time.

When I did eat, I consumed mostly fruits and veggies, some steamed and some raw. I was still eating a whole food diet versus vegetarian or anything like that in the beginning. My meals were large plates of veggies or a snack of a green drink and trail mix. When I ate I set the timer for 20 minutes and made sure I stretched out my meal to last that long. I became a very good eater. I chewed until the food was liquid. I looked closely at every bite, swirled the food in my mouth to feel the texture and taste the flavors of the food. I did everything I could to slow down my eating. I ate to remove hunger rather than to feel full. I reminded myself that my stomach was only the size of my fist and there was no need to stretch it out. I engaged in proper table etiquette and conversation with my children. I became an immaculate eater.

The Shift in My Sleep
During the times of extended fasting or very light eating I noticed that my sleep shifted to rest. I found that I was drawn to sleep under the moon and stars. Since I wasn't wanting to sleep outside in my backyard, I would open the blinds to my French doors of my bedroom and let the moonlight fill my room. I would gaze at the stars before falling asleep after purging all my gratitude in my journal. I would close my eyes. I then felt like my body was heavy and still like it was totally asleep, but I felt totally alert. I could see myself from above looking down on my body. It was almost as if I was watching myself sleep. I was totally aware of all that was going on around me. It was as if my subconscious was being a security guard for me. I no longer wanted to sleep on my side. I wanted my chest to be facing the sky. I just felt like my heart needed to face up. I slept very little, maybe 3 hours a night. This went on for months. My body felt totally rested even though before I slept about 9 hours a night. My rest changed back to sleep when my diet changed and I began to consume more calories.

I practiced full resting at least one day a week. I used this time to reflect on my week. I understood that doing less was more. No need in spinning my wheels without a direction. I wouldn't speak to anyone nor would I do anything very active.

The Shift in My Workouts
I took up an intense and regular power yoga practice. I attended Bryan Kest's 2 hour long power yoga class every Sunday. It was my "church". Since it was a drive for me, I would listen to inspirational books or seminars on CD. I thrived on the energy of the class. Sometimes, I would experience such gratitude in relaxation pose that I would be brought to tears. It was euphoria. I was caught off guard, but it felt beautiful. I learned about meditation, affirmations, mantras, and the pleasure of silence. This was heaven for me because I finally was learning how to break the addiction of thoughts and just be at peace.

Physical Touch
I also became diligent about receiving regular weekly massage. It filled that touch void that I was so addicted to in a romantic relationship. I have always been very physical my entire life, whether it was through gymnastics or other sports or through romantic encounters. So, being without a man for the first time in a long time was a huge shift. I swear receiving massages alone kept be from jumping into the sack with a man out of need for touch. I would get goosebumps every massage. I knew it was filling that need for me. I also found that I felt amazing after petting my cat or dog or cuddling with my kids more during bedtime stories. I learned I can enjoy touch without the sexual energy behind it. I hugged my friends more too.

The Shift in Relationships
I started treating myself the way I expected a man to treat me. I dated myself! If I wanted to do something, I did it alone. It was awkward at first to go to a movie or a restaurant alone, but after a while it felt amazing. I no longer needed someone to do nice things for me. I could do them for myself. That was transformational because in the past if a man didn't do them for me I went without.

I enjoyed conversations with men, but I was sure to leave it at that. I didn't want to be co-dependent or jump in the bed with anyone too soon, so I kept the sexual aspect out of it. Plus, I wasn't fully healed from the break up of my ex. I don't think he was either, because we continued to interact for over 7 months after our break up. It was a time for us to mend our wounds with each other so we could move on and have more to offer to our future partners.

I started treating everyone I encountered the same. In Santa Monica there would be lots of homeless people. I would smile at them and I felt like I could see into their soul.I saw through the exterior. I felt like I connected so deeply in a non verbal way. I noticed I no longer felt fearful of people or danger. I would speak kindly to everyone and treat them as though I was speaking to someone I held in high regard. I felt like treating people like royalty. I became a very generous person. I became very trusting and compassionate.

I woulds say over and over, " I am the highlight of someone else's day". I would be sure to dazzle others with kindness and generosity. I made it a point to be pleasant to every person I encountered, even if it was just a smile.

Detoxing My Life to Find a Vision

Once I cleared my life out I found plenty of free time to invest in myself. I mentioned in the video I listened to several books on CD while I was cleaning out my house or getting ready to see clients, on my drives to yoga class, and so forth.

I didn't have anyone in person to guide me so I used these materials to keep me going in a direction that was more positive.

Such materials were:
The Collection by Wayne Dyer

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
The 8th Habit
The Secret
What the Bleep Do We Know
Being in Balance
Ask & It is Given
The Inner Art of Meditation
How to Win Friends and Influence People
The Science of Getting Rich

I began to take responsibility for my life and where I was. I affirmed to myself that I was brave, bold and adventuresome. I was determined to make a U turn in the direction of my life and get back on track with where I saw myself. I knew I had potential. It was a matter of discovering it.

I realized everything was a reflection of me. If it was in my life and I didn't like it, then it needed to go. It was time to rise from the ashes and make something for myself. But first I needed to CLEAN HOUSE and get everything out of my life so that I had room to fill up on the good stuff.

I went through every nook and cranny of my materialistic belongings. My clothes, makeup, toiletries, pantry, collection of books, DVDs, CDs , etc. I scoured my home while I scoured my body.

I began fasting. I just felt like cleaning the garbage out of my body too. I made sure my liver and colon were pristine. Then once all the food was out of my house. I decided I deserved the best. I no longer wanted to eat anything from a can or box. Processed and packaged food wasn't fit for this body. The more I saw my body emulate the ideal version of me the more excited I was about nourishing it properly.

I even cleaned up the way I spoke. I honored the absent and spoke as though the person I was talking about was standing right next to me. I wouldn't allow myself to speak poorly of anyone. I refrained from swearing and using words that were not worthy of the highest.

I stopped lying. I realized that if I felt I had to lie that I was doing things that I didn't like. I also knew that lying was not accepting myself and it was only a reflection of that. This included little white lies. Besides, I didn't want to attract liars in my life and I would ifI lied myself.

I detoxed all of my beliefs. I no longer accepted anything that I had been taught from religion, to limitations, to rules. I felt that I no longer was limited by time, energy, space or matter. There were no rules. I took on the attitude suggested by Wayne Dyer, " Nobody knows enough to be a pessimist".

I ditched my negative complaining about myself and others. I also stopped allowing others to dump their dis empowered drama on me. I didn't want to hear how they were victims in their life. I didn't want to listen to it. I straight out said, " Don't you have better things going on in your life to talk about this?" I told them that this was the last bitch session and to start talking about all the things that were going right for them. I was only allowing them to attract more crap into their life by listening to it.

I started putting more attention into my appearance. I acted as though I needed to be prepared for meeting people I wanted in my life. If I looked a mess, it just reflected that I was a mess inside. Same for my home. I kept it immaculate, as though if someone I highly admired was to knock at my door at any given moment. It was about being prepared for good to come.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Success! A Means to Kids 'N' Greens

OK, I wanted to lay low on the fruit, but it seems the most appealing way to get my kids to love the greens. This was a simple smoothie recipe that we normally made, with a young thai coconut, banana and strawberries, but this time we added one bunch of spinach. IT WORKED! I feel much more optimistic about my kids completing the challenge now. WHEW!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Making Peas (Peace) with the Past

Inspired by Share Your Shame by Steve Pavlina and our chat during our recent visit . This is also inspired by Peas on Earth by Bunny Berry. I decided if I am participating in Peas on Earth, I should include making peas or Peace with my past.

So, call this what you will. It felt like a confessional video and after I uploaded it I felt a comforting sense of calm. It's a sense of not caring what others think, but being open and true to what I have lived to get to where I am today. I admit my past has been quite colorful, but it is only making my journey through life so much sweeter.

Like me or not, this is a part of what made me who I am. I love where I have been but even more where I am going.

Kids 'N' Greens

I love being a mom. My kids freaking crack me up. I didn't realize they were listening to my inspirational CD's by Wayne Dyer. I think the kids may only get in one bunch of greens a day. They are putting up a little silliness, but they actually were the ones who said they wanted to join in on the challenge.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Super Veggie Dog!

I haven't purchased any dog food in over a year. I made the change that our dog eats the same stuff we do. I must admit, it is not only a money saver, but I feel in the long run she will not be bound by health ailments that older dogs these days are experiencing. I even feed her the pulp left over from juicing mixed with almond butter or olive oil. She loves it as you can see in this video!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Change Your Food Change Your Life!

OK, so the first 100 Day Raw Fu Challenge is officially over. I made it over 30 days 100% raw and then I began to experiment with different foods to see how I felt afterwards. Ultimately, I decided that I want to love the foods that love me back. Why was I sabotaging the opportunity to feel really good? Other foods may taste great momentarily, but the feeling afterwards was less than stellar.

So, where to next? I became fascinated by the intelligence & simplicity of the 80/10/10 program after listening to Dr Doug Graham. As I learn more I plan to undertake that challenge.

Perhaps, what seemed the most profound and simple was to make it a point to get my greens in. During the 100 day challenge I experienced the power of greens. I just felt centered, focused and balanced. Cravings just melted away when I ate my greens. After listening to Victoria Boutenko on Rawkathon that was all I needed to hear. Our subconscious resonates with truth and that hit me like a ton of bricks! I NEED TO EAT MORE GREENS!

So, what exactly have I noticed since I have gone raw? Watch this video!

I came to the conclusion that the whites of our eyes reflect the condition of our liver. It makes sense, right? I mean think about it. When we have babies and their skin and eyes are tinted yellow that is a sign of jaundice which is a liver condition. Why would it be any different in adults? It makes sense that as an adult yellowing in the whites of the eyes were a reflection of our liver.

So, I am going along with Bunny Berry and doing the "Peas on Earth" Holiday Challenge. I am modifying it a bit. My focus is on 2 bunches of greens and 75 plus ounces of water. My kids are jumping in on the challenge. We will be considered high raw versus 100%. I really want to make sure greens make a permanent part of my life before I go any further in my raw food challenge. Plus, if I go 100% raw on some days then that is just a plus. We shall see what unfolds.

I do see the 80-10-10 plan in the future as well as a juice feast, but for now it is very high raw and 2 bunches of greens.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inspired by Steve Pavlina

Last Friday, I was in Las Vegas and I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Pavlina at his home. I really didn't know much about Steve prior to our meeting. A friend on mine named Jon posted a blog in January stating that Steve Pavlina was doing a 30 day raw experiment. All I knew is that he posted blogs online and anyone who gives raw a chance is good in my books.

A few months later, I met him through an online website for raw food enthusiasts: GiveItToMeRaw.com. After we became acquainted, I became more curious. One day I was listening to a radio interview. I totally identified with him. We have very similar stories. I felt like I was listening to my own interview. It was strange. I wanted to know more. I knew I had plans to celebrate a birthday party in Las Vegas. It would be even better to meet him since I knew he lived there.

I decided to send an email out to Steve to see if he would be interested in meeting another raw food junkie. :) I hoped for the best but expected the worst. His response was music to my ears. He was available and agreed to meet. We planned to met at a raw restaurant, but then due to his juice feast he decided it would be best to meet at his home.I have to admit for a moment I was a bit put back that he invited me to visit him in his home.

I never meet "strangers" from the Internet, especially a man in his home. Then, I felt a sense of peace. First of all, that says so much about a person. I felt that he was truly generous and trusting. Our homes are out sanctuaries. I felt honored that from our brief interaction that he would invite me to meet there.

We exchanged stories and experiences over juice. During our chat, I mentioned there were a few things I didn't feel comfortable with sharing in a blog. After his encouraging words, I am taking his advice. I will be posting a blog about some of my biggest fears or just things I probably wouldn't normally share on the Internet. I truly feel that sharing my stories will be beneficial for my growth. I have been blogging occasionally on gaia, but nothing too personal, except every now and then. I have been inspired to share my experiences online in a more consistent and personal way. Here I go! I love vlogging (video blogging) and feel that I am better at expressing myself in video than in writing, so I will be doing both.

Steve sent me along my way with a copy of his book that I began reading as soon as I arrived back at the hotel room. I am looking forward to sharing the insight I receive from his book and what actions I am inspired to take as a result from his words. I agree that we cannot outgrow personal growth. I am fascinated be human potential and look forward to challenging myself to new levels of conscious living.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Online Social Life

As the Internet expands and social websites are continuing to flourish I decided to let you know the other websites I am a member of:

Youtube.com: http://www.youtube.com/user/Inspire2Act
Myspace.com: www.myspace.com/inspire2act
Facebook.com: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=687513081&ref=profile
Giveittomeraw.com: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profile/Lori
Gaia.com: http://inspire2act.gaia.com/
FreedomGardens.org: http://freedomgardens.org/Inspire2Act/

I have participated in:
GlobalJuiceFeast.com: http://www.globaljuicefeast.com/profile/Lori
RawFu.com: http://raw100.ning.com/profile/Lori36

Monday, October 27, 2008

Non- Raw Foodist Taste Test

I made a kale salad, I admit, I didn't really care for the recipe myself, but I laugh every time I watch this video. The pumpkin pie with thyme went over very well! :) I will use these victims...er...I mean test subjects again in the future...stay tuned as I hone my raw food skills!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

10/6-10/12 Weekly Diet & Exercise Wrap Up

Diet & Exercise Log 10/6-10/12

Day 8 10/6
BM: 3 H20: 2 qts Supp: iodine Juice: 32 oz Sun: 10 min Sauna: 30 min
Earned Breakfast: 50 min swim laps in pool
1: ¾ C choco steel cut oats: coconut oil, salt, vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa powder, maple
2: carton of strawberries, peach, apple
3: 32 veggie juice (napa cabbage, bell pepper, Anaheim chili, garlic, onion, celery)
4: Steamed Spagetti squash, date & walnut, granola, apple tea
Workout 2: 2 hour Power Yoga Class

Day 9 10/7
BM: 3 H20: 4.5 qts Supp: iodine Juice: none Sun: none Sauna: 30 min
Earned Breakfast: 90 min yoga (didn’t finish BK class)
1. ¾ C steel cut oats : maple, cinnamon, coconut oil, salt, vanilla
2. 3 apples, 3 handfuls of baby carrots
3. sautéed butternut squash & 4 Vegan cookies
4. Sweet potato plain steamed
Workout 2: 4 mile walk, 45 min swim laps

Day 10 10/8

BM: 1 H20: 1 qt Supp: 0 Juice: 0 Sun: 0 Sauna: 0
Earned Breakfast: REST DAY
1. 1 Cup raw soaked oat groats
2. 1 heirloom tomato w/ ½ avocado
3. banana w/ almond butter, cacao, pecans, agave, salt
4. Au Lac: cream cheese, salmons rolls, hot & sour soup, raw taco, raw fried rice, Chocolate Xstacy, Elixirs

Day 11 10/9
BM: 1 H20: 2 qts Supp: 2x iodine Juice: 0 Sun: 60 min Sauna: 25 min
1. 8 oz sun warrior shake
2. 4 bites beans, ½ avocado w/ 1 heirloom tomato &sea salt
3. banana w/ almond butter, cacao nibs, agave, sea salt, handful of baby carrots
4. tomato w/ ½ avocado, red bell pepper soup w/ ¼ avocado & bell pepper topping
Workout: 3 mile run in 37 min, 6 mile bike in 25 min

Day 12 10/10
BM: 2 H20: 2 qts Supp: iodine Juice: 0 Sun: 0 Sauna: 0
1. banana w/ cacao , almond butter, agave
2. banana w/ cacao , almond butter, agave
3. red pepper soup w/ ½ avocado
4. beans, rice, avocado, tortilla
Workout : None

Day 13 10/11
BM: 2 H20: 2 qts Supp: iodine Juice: none Sun: none Sauna: 30 min
1. plums
2. raspberries, strawberries, ½ peach
3. apples
4. red pepper soup, big plate of broccoli, big plate of baby carrots w/ olive oil
Workout : 12 laps of swimming, 1 hour massage

Day 14 10/12
BM: 2 H20: 2 qts Supp: iodine Juice: 0 Sun: 0 Sauna: 25 min
Earned Breakfast: 35 min jog on treadmill, 60 min spinning, tone inner & outer thighs, & abs
1. 2 peaches, strawberries
2. roasted acorn squash w/ onions & garlic
3. 1 handful cashews
4. cooked oat groats w/ maple, cinnamon, salt, vanilla

Starting Fitness Analysis Results

Starting Stats

Fitness Analysis Results (ACSM Fitness Book)
Time to Complete 1 Mile: 11:20
3 min step: Resting Heart Rate: 73 Cardio Heart Rate: 116 Recovery Heart Rate: 88
Sit & Reach: 24+
Max Push ups correctly performed: 40 modified, 19 full
Sit ups in 1 minute: 60
Balance: 30 + seconds right side much weaker

5 Weeks Left on Raw Fu Challenge

9/29-10/5 Weekly Diet & Exercise Wrap Up

Starting Stats
Age: 32
Ht: 5’5 ¼”
Weight: 133.8
BMI: 22.1
Bust: 36”
Waist: 28”
Belly button: 30 ¼”
Hips: 38 ¼”
Body type: meso-endo
Bone structure: small

Weight: 108-114
BMI: 18-19
Bust: 34
Waist: 25
Hips: 35

Diet & Exercise Log 9/29-10/3

1 9/29 BM: 2 H2O: 3 qts
Earned Workout: Spinning + some abs + 20 min sauna + 30 min nude sunbathing
32 oz veggie juice ( napa cabbage, romaine lettuce, celery, garlic, hot peppers, beet leaves & stems)
Handful Cashews
Walking lunges & backward lunge, leg press, ham curls, ab crunch, push ups, balance, 1 mile fast walk
Green Salad, Pineapple, small handful of brazil nuts, apple

2 9/30 BM:1 (feel a bit backed up, I think I need to soak my nuts since I get bound up)
3 qts H2o IODINE
Workout: 2 hour power yoga (feeling sore abs from yesterday) + 30 min nude sunbathing
Banana & strawberries, Avocado &Tomato, A huge handful of cashews, Raw choco buckwheat granola
Mixed nuts, Yellow beans, Mango

3 10/1 BM: 3+
Earned Breakfast: 60 Spinning class + 20 min sauna + 30 min nude sunbathing
Banana, 32 oz veggie juice, Salad w/ dressing, iodine

4 10/2 BM: 1
30 min sunbathe
Banana, corn salad, not tuna pate wraps, raw choco mousse, cinnamon tea, mango, corn salad, iodine
2 hr power yoga (totally healed my back myself)

5 10/3 BM: 3+
Raw granola, watermelon, mango, tomatoes, zucchini w/ goddess dressing, slice of apple w/ almond butter
Earned breakfast: 60 min spinning, 1 mile run, push ups, 30 min sauna, 40 min sunbathe, iodine

6 10/4 BM: 1
16 oz juice (beet, tomato, parsley, etc), Black bean, rice, corn, guac burrito, mango, cinnamon tea, iodine, home made fries
90 min yoga (medium intensity), 1 qt H20

7 10/5 BM: 3+
Earned Breakfast: 60 min Spinning + 1 mile run +20 min sauna + 40 min sun bathe + iodone
24 oz veggie juice ( Anaheim chili, garlic, green onion, cilantro, bell pepper, romaine lettuce, celery)
Salad w/ raw goddess dressing ½ carton raspberries, 2 peaches, ½ carton of strawberries, salad w/ raw goddess dressing, 4 brazil nuts, country potatoes
3 qts H20 Workout 2: 4 mile walk in 60 min

6 Week Shape Up Plan

Friday, October 10, 2008

Diet & Exercise Wrap up Week 6 Countdown

6 Week Shape Up Sept 29- Nov 10, 2008

Starting Stats
Age: 32
Ht: 5’5 ¼”
Weight: 133.8
BMI: 22.1
Bust: 36”
Waist: 28”
Belly button: 30 ¼”
Hips: 38 ¼”
Body type: meso-endo
Bone structure: small

Weight: 108-114
BMI: 18-19
Bust: 34
Waist: 25
Hips: 35

Diet & Exercise Log 9/29-10/3

1 9/29 BM: 2 H2O: 3 qts
Earned Workout: Spinning + some abs + 20 min sauna + 30 min nude sunbathing
32 oz veggie juice ( napa cabbage, romaine lettuce, celery, garlic, hot peppers, beet leaves & stems)
Handful Cashews
Walking lunges & backward lunge, leg press, ham curls, ab crunch, push ups, balance, 1 mile fast walk
Green Salad, Pineapple, small handful of brazil nuts, apple

2 9/30 BM:1 (feel a bit backed up, I think I need to soak my nuts since I get bound up)
3 qts H2o IODINE
Workout: 2 hour power yoga (feeling sore abs from yesterday) + 30 min nude sunbathing
Banana & strawberries, Avocado &Tomato, A huge handful of cashews, Raw choco buckwheat granola
Mixed nuts, Yellow beans, Mango

3 10/1 BM: 3+
Earned Breakfast: 60 Spinning class + 20 min sauna + 30 min nude sunbathing
Banana, 32 oz veggie juice, Salad w/ dressing, iodine

4 10/2 BM: 1
30 min sunbathe
Banana, corn salad, not tuna pate wraps, raw choco mousse, cinnamon tea, mango, corn salad, iodine
2 hr power yoga (totally healed my back myself)

5 10/3 BM: 3+
Raw granola, watermelon, mango, tomatoes, zucchini w/ goddess dressing, slice of apple w/ almond butter
Earned breakfast: 60 min spinning, 1 mile run, push ups, 30 min sauna, 40 min sunbathe, iodine

6 10/4 BM: 1
16 oz juice (beet, tomato, parsley, etc), Black bean, rice, corn, guac burrito, mango, cinnamon tea, iodine, home made fries
90 min yoga (medium intensity), 1 qt H20

7 10/5 BM: 3+
Earned Breakfast: 60 min Spinning + 1 mile run +20 min sauna + 40 min sun bathe + iodone
24 oz veggie juice ( Anaheim chili, garlic, green onion, cilantro, bell pepper, romaine lettuce, celery)
Salad w/ raw goddess dressing ½ carton raspberries, 2 peaches, ½ carton of strawberries, salad w/ raw goddess dressing, 4 brazil nuts, country potatoes
3 qts H20 Workout 2: 4 mile walk in 60 min

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Organic Produce Co-op Rocks!

Weekly Health Wrap Up Day 28-34 (7 days)

Day 28
Home school, Gymnastics, Shopping and Library
Watched “What Happens in Vegas”
I am waking up later and staying up late…I don’t like it except for the peace and quiet

3 qts H2O
32 oz green juice: arugula & spinach stems, jalapeño, 2 cloves of garlic, cucumber, celery, 2 nectarines
2 nectarines
Bowlful of yummy cherry tomatoes
Corn Salad (still leftovers)
Banana topped w/ almond butter, cacao nibs, walnuts & pinch of salt & agave


70 minute Power yoga (did Beryl Bender Birch again cuz the kids like this video). This time I was able to do more of the binding poses than last week. I also did all the back bends, handstands, headstands and shoulder stands with ease. After a month I am seeing a bit of an improvement.

30 minute walk
25 min Sauna
Got my Sun On

Day 29
Highlights: Realized that tomorrow marks a 30 day challenge: SuperCharge Me. Time has flown! Entering Phase 2 on Day 31
Downloaded Bryan Kests new video & audio: awesome!
Kids gymnastics

2 big glasses of water for breakfast
First solid meal @ 3pm : ½ tomato w/ ½ avocado w/ a light sprinkle of salt
3 tiny pluots
2 bananas w/ almond butter, agave, cacao nibs & sprinkle of salt (this has become a little habit)
32 oz of green juice (lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, chives, jalapeño, garlic): WHOA SPICY!
2 cups of pico de gallo/salsa ( this was at a restaurant and I felt yucky afterward, maybe they used preservatives or something)

2 hour Power yoga class w/ Bryan Kest
1 hour walk around the duck pond
25 minutes in the sauna

Day 30: SuperCharge Me! Challenge I did it!

Ran into a kind man at the market, chatted over an hour!

32 oz green juice (lettuce, bell pepper, jalapeño, cucumber, tomato)
2 amazing heirloom tomatoes with 1 avocado, salt and red pepper flakes
2 banana strawberry kabobs w/ chocolate sauce & walnuts
1 heirloom tomato w/ ½ avocado

40 min yoga (back bends)…My back is so sore after doing it. I am not sure if this is a stiff and rigid problem or a sign that this is not safe for me. I want to work through it, but I am feeling plenty of LBP today. YUCK.

Day 31:
Hair appointment
Very emotional

Chinese Fried Rice
Sesame Dumplings

45 minute walk
25 minutes in the sauna

Day 32
Went in LA: Learning the ropes of the IEOPBC
Volunteered at the co-op
Mormon missionaries... I shared my views on religion, spirituality and being a living example!
Sergei & Valya Boutenko speak at Raw food meetup
Took in left over scraps: need to post video on raw spaghetti & meatballs since it seems to be a hit!
Stepped off raw to see my response: bloated, DRUNK feeling,

All raw minus the burrito
Chinese fried rice
Samples of dumplings made into lettuce wraps, spaghetti & meatballs, peach & nectarine crumble, coleslaw, co-op salad
Raw Vegan Lemon cheesecake
Burrito: bean, rice, guac, salsa

My off day
Volunteer at co-op
45 min walk around the park

Day 33
90 day positive video challenge…raise the vibrations
Touched by friends from new community: Alexis and Starla
Sauna 35 minutes

100% Fruit Day (not intentional)
1 ½ Qts H2O
A baggie of cherry tomatoes
Banana w/ choco sauce and walnuts
Strawberries w/ choco sauce
Tomato w/ avocado, sea salt, and red pepper flakes


Day 34
Sprouting fall garden seeds
Evaluate my sad little garden

3 qts H20
Strawberries w/ choco sauce
Heirloom tomato w/ ½ avocado w/ red pepper flakes & celtic sea salt
Alfalfa sprouts w/ cherry tomatoes, hemp seed oil, cayenne, and sea salt
Handful of walnuts w/ raw honey
Cherry tomatoes
32 oz green veggie juice

20 min treadmill
10 min rowing machine
20 min sauna

I Made it 30 Days Raw and Reflect on a Rich Life

Monday, September 1, 2008

Quick Notes on Diet & Exercise on Raw Fu Day 22- 27

Here are cliff notes of the days I did not make a video.

Day 22:
I'm inspired by my non raw buddy who attended a raw meal prep class. I learned 2 new raw recipes from her. The heavy foods sedate me, but held my appetite a long time.

Learned all about the sauna and some extra benefits I was unaware of. Now I am committed to using them regularly.

Last night my front end of my car was munched (aka hit) by a friend backing out of their driveway. I am trying to keep a positive attitude. It's only "stuff".

24 oz green juice (collard greens, carrots, celery, and grapes)
A tangerine
A few kale chips
A handful of cherry tomatoes
New recipes: Not tuna pate w/ celery sticks…I couldn’t believe it had that essence of tuna salad, I will definitely make this again . Super satisfying and filling
Chocolate mousse (from avocados) w/ strawberries. Ultra rich and filling .
Those 2 dishes did the trick and kept me full for over 6 hours.

Woke up late for the gym. Ham curls, donkey kicks, adductor and abductor squeeze, Abs- the real deal
Later in the day I did: 30 min toning: barbell squat, chest press, ab crunches, attempt at chin ups, walking lunges, and backward lunge.

70 min Baron Baptiste power yoga video with kids. Level 2. An old video, but really good for balance and upper body strength. I just felt like mixing things up this week and expose the kids to other styles of yoga other than my own.

Enjoyed 15 minuts in the sauna 2 times

Day 23: Feeling down a bit
Working & Running errands, feeling down maybe too much salt & fat. Considering doing 80/10/10. Funny, it corresponds to Bunny Berry’s video.

16 oz green juice
Kale chips- salty
2 bananas
2 apples
Guacamole & salsa w/ a salad!: I had a tough time resisting the chips, beans & rice

40 min power yoga
60 min Walk
20 min Sauna

Day 24- Friday: Fun filled
Weigh in & Measurements: NO CHANGE, scale back up: Time to change the program
Au Lac Restaurant in Huntington Beach
Attended Jack Johnson's Concert
Bought Matthew Kenney's book "Everyday Raw". Looks like some fun stuff for me to make. :) I know I can't go wrong with his recipes.

3 Qts H20
1 qt green veggie juice (yellow squash, carrots, celery, collards, bell pepper)
3 bananas
Au Lac Raw Restaurant: shared with the family: chips & salsa, salmon rolls, seaweed soup, teriyaki salad, rainbow dessert

40 min yoga
30 min walk

Day 25: Time to reassess
“Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results.” Einstein
Helped out with IEOPBC (organic produce co-op)
All about produce prepping: sat in front of the sink washing, chopping, composting hoping to have an effortless week of raw, just on the simple stuff.
Starla smacks some sense into me to stay with this challenge

32 oz juice carrot, celery,
3 qts H20
Watermelon, pieces of pineapple,
Tomato w/ onion
Banana w/ choco sauce, almond butter, walnuts & cacao: this seems to be my fav raw binge food that saves me when I am ready to toss in the towel.
“fried” onions

Off day
Co-op: lifting, sorting, cleaning, etc…for 60 min
Cardio ( 20 min bike)
Sauna (15 min)
Enjoyed a massage

Day 26: A Busy Body
Reading through the book "4 Hour Workweek". I love the quotes and that I already apply many of the suggestions in the book.
I ask myself "Am I inspiring others to live up to their potential & enjoy optimal health?" I guess I can only be a living example and hope that it helps others.
Teaching my brother & sister in law that raw can be good with simple meal prep. When will I be making food gourmet style? I can shoot for it, right?

Peach & Pineapple
Made dishes for non-raw family to sample:
Corn Salad w/ ¼ avocado and tomato
Fried Rice recipe from Jenna Norwood: Supercharge Me
Spaghetti w/ meatballs
Banana Cream Pie

Feeling like I am bulking up..need more walking & yoga to lean out
I love Bryan Kest…a new download is ready (poweryoga.com)

I did my 2 hour Sunday morning class w/ Bryan …green style (downloaded version vs. driving into Santa Monica)
Sauna: 30 min
Coconut Oil Hair Treatment
Bentonite clay & Vita C facial
Lip wax
Sunning... a bit too much

Day 27: I finally made a video

I am sore from yoga and it feels so good! I wished I hadn’t eaten so many samples of raw recipes last night & not so late too. I missed my juice challenge yesterday. I want to do 2 weeks of juice for beauty…inspired by Angela Stokes. I wanted to juice and eat only fruits or veggies (no oil, salt, nuts), but I had prepared dishes just sitting in the fridge waiting for me.

3 qts of H20
Last night leftovers of corn salad, spaghetti, & fried rice for breakfast
Banana w/ almond butter, chocolate sauce, walnuts, a sprinkle of cacao nibs (that darn sugar fix again)
Same as breakfast
Leftovers again for dinner

None...I feel like a lazy bum!
No sauna or tan
Finally made a video
Read a chapter of 4 hour work week
Picking up more snowboard gear for the kids for this coming snow season.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100 Day Raw Food Challenge!

OK, I think I decided to amp up my blogging skills and start vlogging. However, I still feel really silly about it. I am on youtube if you can believe it. I am actually part of a 100 day raw food challenge online. Here is My Day 1 Video. I have vlogged for a week now. I am obviously super low tech...LOL. I brought my camera to film my kids in gymnastics practice, and ended up making this while I was leaving. Why not, eh?


Sunday, July 27, 2008

30 Days to Live

I may be a little behind the times as far as movies. I just watched "The Bucket List" last night. I was in tears(AGAIN)... I love movies that make us want to live better lives and this movie did just that for me.

After the movie I made a list of what I would want to do if I only had 30 days to live. Talk about a time crunch, right? So, 30 things went on my list. I wasn't very hard to pull it together. It really just affirmed that I need to move forward with my dreams and do the silly things that I put off. Then I asked my 2 kids (12 and 10) to write their list. It really helped me understand what they valued and dreamed of doing. It makes me want to be a better mother for them and provide them the opportunities to do what it is they feel is important. I became all teary eyed reading their list. Some things are so small that they seem insignificant, yet it means the world to them. How well do we know our loved ones?

Well, here is my list of 30 things.

1. Go on a hot air balloon ride
2. Play on a flying trapeze and practice gymnastics with my kids
3. Jump off the rock at Waimea Beach (I always want to but I chicken out)
4. Swim with dolphins and sea turtles
5. Kayak out to rabbit island and have a picnic
6. Go horseback riding (I LOVE HORSES)
7. Spend the day surfing, laying on the sand, playing volleyball
8. Watch the sunset, a fire pit on the beach, BBQ, make smores and watch the stars
9. Live in a tree house on a tropical retreat, pick food from the garden
10. Travel to Fiji
11. Travel to Bali
12. Travel to Greece
13. Travel to New Zealand & Australia
14. Mentor under an amazing raw food chef & create edible works of art
15. Visit all the amazing raw food restaurants
16. Spend time at a wellness spa
17. Have a massage everyday
18. Have a make over and look as beautiful on the outside as I feel on the inside
19. Go snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, & ice skating
20. Learn to sew with Mehgan
21. Learn to play the guitar with Alex
22. Take couple dancing lessons
23. Take interior design and landscape design classes
24. Enjoy intimate concerts by Jack Johnson, Michael Buble, Jason Mraz
25. Go rock climbing & have a picnic on top
26. Swim in a waterfall lagoon naked
27. Enjoy a helicopter ride
28. Ride bikes along the coast
29. Play hide and go seek in the dark with my kids
30. Go indoor skydiving ,then maybe try the real deal :)

Making this list reminded me of how many things I would love to do but I put off. Is this "put off" a slap in life's face? Life is meant to be lived. I felt like I have taken my life for granted. It's good to be reminded and humbled. My kids always say...life is meant to be fun and enjoyed. If today was my last day to live, would I spend it any differently? Would you?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How Much Water Do You Need?

Living in Southern California, I can't help but feel concern for the water supply and how we use our water. Here are some facts about what we are using or wasting our water on.

1. Four to seven gallons of water are required to flush a toilet. Placing a brick in your toilet tank to serve as a dam can save one to two gallons of water with each flush.
2. About five gallons of water are used if you leave the tap running while brushing your teeth. Just wetting and rinsing your brush uses only a 1/2 gallon of water.
3. The average household uses about 245,000 gallons of water per year. The average person about 188 gallons daily.
4. On average, 20 gallons of water are used to hand wash dishes. An automatic dishwasher requires 12-20 gallons.
5. Only one percent of the earth's water is suitable for drinking water. The rest is salt water (97%) and glacier ice (2%).
6. The earth's surface is 80 percent water, equaling 362 trillion gallons. Water is the most common substance found on earth.
7. The human body is made up of 70% water. A person must consume about 2 1/2 quarts of water per day (including water, food, etc.) to maintain health.
8. A pineapple is made up of 80% water. Many of the foods we eat contain water, including a tomato (95%), and an ear of corn (80%).
9. Watering the lawn at 5 to 10 gallons per minute for a half hour equals 300 gallons! Automatic clothes washers use about 30 gallons, a tub bath requires 36 gallons, and a shower uses 35 to 50 gallons.

Anyhow, we started entertaining many ideas on how to conserve water and make sure we are using only what we need and not being wasteful. It has turned into a household challenge for us. We try to see who can use the least amount of water. Now, I still have a long way to go. I still need to completely remove my lawn since that seems to be our biggest water guzzler. I also started thinking about rainwater (which we hardly receive in So Cal), and grey water, which is usable water for gardening and so forth.

As you search you tube ANYTHING is possible. I figured how much water my household uses on flushing the toilet and it is close to 75,000 gallons of water a year. That water can go to better use. Here is one way to alleviate that water waste.

Ok, so my kids laughed at first, but then said it looks like a good idea. Hmmm... am I ready to go to this extent? It is environmentally friendly especially since we are on a raw food lifestyle and everything we eat is compostable, but still. My heart says this is smart, my mind says this is out of my element. I know I will eventually do this....just one green action at a time.

This clip answered more questions

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Seeds for my Garden

I just placed an order for more seeds. Yes, in the middle of summer. Most people order before spring, but a new gardener like me hasn't established a system yet. I am sooo excited because I bought things that I have never even seen before like a red and orange carrot, black tomaotes, cinnamon basil, I mean the list goes on. I love the fact that I will grow things that are not only organic and biodynamic, but they are rare and uncommon. Who wants to grow the same exact thing that you can pick up at the market? I find the uniques varieties far more alluring.

I have also finished building four more 4x4 raised beds. I will use them for my kids gardening experiments for school science.

My ultimate gardening goal is to have a beautiful organic edible landscape that provides food sustainability that is super nutrient dense. It just makes sense to grow food rather than work on a lawn that serves no major purpose, especially since I am in Southern California which is experiencing a water crisis. It makes no sense to see miles of lawns in a place where we are in need of water. If you are going to be watering something you might as well be growing food.

I have really been enjoying learning as much as I can about gardening this year. I have been exposed to gardening with sea agriculture, rock dust, ormus, compost tea, worms, bees, bio dynamic, bio intensive, square foot method, and so on. I can't say that my garden is flourishing out of control like many gardeners are experiencing right now. I learned I was missing nitrogen from my soil and that stunts the growth of the plant. So, while researching online I found many sites talking about urine in their garden as a great source of nitrogen. WHAT?!?! Ok, this immediately repulsed me....NO WAY am I going to PEE in my garden. Well, then it started making a bit of sense. I mean, I would go to the garden shop and put chicken and bat poop in the garden. So that's just as gross, right? I started thinking about my diet and the fact that I eat raw foods. I eat sprouts, seaweeds, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and so forth. All of which would go into a compost bin safely. I don't consume any animal products. Anyhow, I started to apply it to my garden...go figure... I am seeing peppers that are finally producing rather than the flowers just falling off. My teeny tiny canteloupe has tripled in size. I know it sounds disgusting, but proof is in the ....PEE...LOL.