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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekly Workout & Diet Wrap Up

Water: 2.75 gallons + water from 8 young thai coconuts
Bunches of Greens: 1 (way off base, should be 10-14)
Cooked Meals: 5 (way too many)
Fasting Days: 2: 24 hour sessions
Workout: 10.5 hours
Dance: 2 hours (latin)
Yoga: 3 hours
Walking: 5 hours
Strength: 30 minutes
Sun: 3 hours
Sauna: 2 hrs 15 minutes
Home Colonics: 2

Daily Breakdown
Sun: none (cold out)
Sauna: none
Workout: 2 hour walk
Water: 80 oz H2o
Diet: 1 apple, Chipotle bean & rice burrito extra guac, a few sips of a soy chai latte & rice crispy treat (WAY OFF RAW !)

Saturday- 24 hour fast (from 4:30 pm Friday to 4:30 pm Saturday)
Sun: 60 min
Sauna: 25 min
Workout: 90 min walk
Water: 65 oz H20, coconut water from 2 young thai coconuts
Diet: fasting 24 hours, broke fast on Chipotle black bean & rice burrito (black beans, rice, corn salsa, guacamole, pico de galo). Not exactly the way I planned to break my fast. 2 apples

Sunday- accidental fast (from 5pm Saturday to 5pm Sunday), home colonic
Sun: 60 min
Sauna: 40 min
Workout: 60 min latin dance
Water: 48 oz, water from 2 young thai coconuts
Diet: fasted 24 hours (accidentally) broke fast w/ 4 frozen bananas turned into ice cream, 3 apples, couple sips of a margarita, chips, salsa, & guacamole

Sun: none (cloudy)
Sauna: 25 min
Workout: 2 : 60 min yoga sessions
Water: 3 young thai coconut water
Diet: 4 frozen bananas turned into ice cream, 4 apples, 4 frozen bananas w/1-2 T cacao powder

Sun: none (cloudy)
Sauna: none
Workout: none
Water: 40 oz H2o
Diet: 4 frozen bananas + 2 T cacao (blended into ice cream), 3 apples, Au Lac Restaurant:

Song salad, soft taco, cali rolls, pistachio "bread", flax "bread"

Sun: none (too cool to lay out)
Sauna: 25 min
Workout: 60 min latin dance, 60 min yoga, 75 min walk
Water: 56 oz.
Diet: 5 bananas made into ice cream, apple, Thai: Tom Kah Kai (veggie coconut soup), veggie pad thai, veggie panang w/ rice. I waited far too long to eat and was far from home. I caved into hunger. Plus the 3 hours of exercise just helped me "justify" the calories. I know, it's lame. I admit it. :)

Sun: 60 minutes
Sauna: 20 minutes

Home colonic: I always feel like I need to do this after I eat cooked food. It's like I want it out of my body ASAP.
Workout: 30 min Lower body strength training, 30 min walk

Lower Body Exercises:
1. Walking lunge
1. leg press on machine,
2. static squat hold against the wall
3. 1 legged medicine ball squat w/ back foot on step
4. slow reverse lunge off step
5. forward lunge on step
Ab Exercise: medicine ball crunches w/ extended reach
Water: 48 oz H2o, water from 1 thai coconut
Diet: 5 bananas + 2 T made into ice cream, 2 cucumbers, 1 bunch of steamed broccoli (plain)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Gets You High?

These things rejuvenate me, bring out the best in me, and remind me to celebrate the gift of life.

1. Loving my life, my kids
2. Writing in my gratitude journal
3. Envision my life direction (vision board or programming)
4. Reading "Levels of Human Consciousness" for Enlightenment in "Power vs Force"
5. Yoga
6. Getting a massage
7. Sun bathing & reading a good book
8. Meditating in the sauna
9. Dancing to awesome music
10. Fasting
11. Eating raw food
12. Sharing a conversation with someone who is AWAKE
13. Learning something new
14. Turning people on to transparent living
15. A day of silence

I almost forgot making love would be on this list too...hmmm... back to those romance videos :)

How about you?

Monday, April 27, 2009

#2 Romance in the Raw

My Top 10 Favorable Traits
1. Aware, spiritually connected, leads by his own intuition (internal guidance)
2. Self love, self respect, and a good sense of self
3. Healthy
4. Active/ Athletic/ High energy
5. Passionate entrepreneur connected to his purpose
6. Great sense of humor, laughs w/ life
7. Honest, open, compassionate communicator
8. Attractive
9. Optimistic & proactive
10. Humble & grateful

My Top 10 Least Desirable Traits
1. Religious, condemning, self righteous (it is quite possible to be religious and never experience spirituality, and it is quite possible to be spiritual and never experience religion.)
2. Unhealthy- smoker, drinker, junk food eater, & sedentary
3. A follower- no sense of self
4. Pessimistic, reactive
5. Dishonest, liar, poor communicator
6. "9-5" clocks in and out of an unfulfilling job
7. Unattractive
8. Easily offended/ victim mentality
9. Inactive, low energy, sleeps excessively
10. Boastful, proud, arrogant

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update Bikini Body Challenge 127.2

I have been missing my greens this week. Not too sure why, just been eating mostly fruit & laying low on the overt fats.

Friday Evening to Saturday Evening
water fast for 24 hours

broke the fast on red wine (biodynamic, organic) not a great way to break a fast
Dinner: salad, sauteed carrots & broccoli, a 1/2 C of a rice dish

64 oz water
1 young thai coconut water
2 mangoes
5 bananas (ice cream ..no cacao)
5 apples
No workout
Sun bathed

64 oz water
1 young thai coconut water
60 min yoga
25 min sauna (too much & blacked out)
25 min sun
7 apples
5 bananas
2 cucumbers
Lettuce wraps

Core Rhythms..cardio jam, 30 min sun bathe
5 apples
5 bananas
Lettuce wraps

64 oz water & water from 2 young thai coconuts
20 min precor, 60 min yoga, 20 min sauna, 60 min sun bathe, 90 min easy walking
Diet: 5 apples, Raw Chocolate Ice cream ( 5 frozen bananas & 2 T cacao powder), a few bites of papaya

2 young thai coconut water
1 apple
5 bananas (made into chocolate ice cream ...my latest sweet fix)
Lettuce wraps (sprouts, shredded carrots, cucumber, tomato wrapped in butter lettuce and dipped into nama shoyu)
3 steamed russet potatoes (plain)
60 min sun bathe
40 min walk

Goal: consistent diet & workouts, 1 fast a week,& not eating late at night.

Todays measurements
Upper Arm 11.25"
Waist: 27.25"
Belly Button: 30"
Hips: 38"
Inner Thigh: 22.50"
Calves: 13.50"

Ideal Measurements:
Weight: 108-115 lbs.
Bust: 34
Waist: 24-25
Hips: 35

Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo Session w/ Alex

My son and I played around with the camera. He actually took some good shots. Here they are. :) If he keeps going at this rate I'm gonna have to hire him in the future. He loves video editing too. My little genius. :)

Double click to enlarge

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My First Date

Romance in the Raw

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Doors are Opening