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Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Update

I apologize in advance for this jumbled blog. It is more like notes than a smooth post. However, so much time has passed and the blog is just getting longer. So, I thought you'd understand. Next time I know better than to go so long posting a blog or video! BTW, a new video is on the way. Here is a bit of an update of what went on in January.
Personal Growth
I have been going through my old journal entries and vision board and checking in with my life direction. I found old affirmations that worked for me in the past and I don't know why I stopped, but when I did so did the results. So, I am back to my affirmations. I also listened to Tony Robbins CD on Relationships and the emphasis on self love. He recommends 2 minutes of self love in the mirror daily. Wow. What a great habit for me to establish.

I watched this Ann Wigmore DVD . I am working on setting this lifestyle up at my home! Everyone should consider their home as their own personal health retreat. After watching this I was so excited I made the cabbage rejuvelac. I want to set up a space for sprouting. I have had a friend who has been nudging me to do it, but since I am such a visual person it wasn’t until I saw it in action that I became excited. I also want to make the energy soup and even try it dehydrated to make rolls with. I did incorporate the composting system that was featured in the video and I hope it works out.

Made Raw Miso Soup
I can't claim dibs on this recipe it was shown to me by someone else, but I thought I'd pass it along. I love it since it is soy free (perfect for my thyroid). Here are the ingredients. These are rough estimates.

8-16 oz Hot water ,1-2 TBSP Adzuki and chickpea miso (pictured above) ,Shitake Mushrooms (dried and soaked, next time I want to find fresh mushrooms) ,Mixed sea veggies 1/2 the bag, rinsed . I am trying to get in some sea veggies or kelp in daily for my thyroid. A sliver of onion (or any allium family: green onion, chives, leeks, scallions, etc)
This is like heaven for my thyroid and perfect for these cold winter months. OK, I live in So Cal and it doesn't get that cold, but you know what I mean. :)

Made a raw curry salad dressing
Inspired by
Ani Phyo's Curry Salad Dressing . I used avocado instead of olive oil and I liked it better. ; ). I mentioned I am trying to obtain my fat from food and not from bottles.

Tried a new yoga class
My favorite yoga of all time is Bryan Kest's
Power Yoga. However, I tried Anusura yoga at a local studio. I learned how to partner up and help my partner get into poses that need some assistance. I did back bends and handstands which I haven’t practiced in a long time, so it felt wonderful. Opening up my body IS opening up my mind. However, I have a pretty open mind as it is! Outside of yoga class I have been practicing yoga with a partner and I am learning how helpful it is to have someone assist me in a pose to take me to a deeper level of my practice. My shoulders and hips are so tight and I look forward to when I can have free range of motion. Here is what I can do on my own now. I want to be able to grasp my hands.

I feel that after years of tight deltoids (shoulders) that I should focus on releasing them. I know I won't be able to go into deeper poses until I can release this restriction. Hopefully in the future I can post video and photos that are more exciting than this.


Self : I have been focusing on practicing more self love since I truly know that this is the key to great relationships. How can others enjoy me if I can't enjoy myself? This is a huge thing for me since in the past I associated self love with being egotistical or self absorbed and selfish. I realise I need to be a little selfish in order to have anything to give anyone else.

Kids : I feel so close with my kids. I started homeschooling them 3 years ago and it has really changed my life and the way I view education. I also know my kids strengths and aim to nurture them as best I can. We have such an open line of communication and I really have learned a lot about myself as I watch them grow. Lately we have been having fun snowboarding. I also take my kids to gymnastics, speech therapy, guitar and horseback riding lessons. Wow...so time consuming, but I enjoy exposing them to all sorts of environments. The biggest part of being a mom is stepping back and letting them grow naturally. I need to remember less is more and to allow them to do for themselves what they can.

Here is the mountain view from my home, new snow!
We saw "Phantom of the Opera"
A New Friend: I also met a new local friend who found my online videos and blogs a few months ago. Although I was unfamiliar and a bit uneasy with meeting people who know me from online it has been very fun. This allows me to connect with people who are on the same path. :) I am looking forward to meeting more people with whom I can synergize with rather than draining or conflicting relationships. However, I know I can choose to see the good in anyone including my ex. I mentioned in my last blog that I had dinner with my ex and some people were interested in how that dynamic works. As long as I focus on his strengths I can enjoy him as a person. When I focus on his weaknesses or what I don't like, I realize I become so frustrated and outright angry. That isn't serving me or him so the less I do that and the more I appreciate his strengths we can work together to raise our kids.

Romance: I am still single as I have been for a long while. I realize that I have not made this a priority and how can I allow for a wonderful man to enter my life if I do not know exactly what it is I am wanting? As I mentioned before I have been listening to the Relationship portion of the Get the Edge series from Tony Robbins I know that in order to have a sustainable relationship our natures must be similar or complimentary. I spent lots of time clarifying my vision of an ideal partner. More to come on this topic.

Community: I am a co-organizer of an organic produce co-op. This is how I connect with the members of the community and encourage healthy living. Again, I really wish more people had this in their community. Here is a photo of Tonya (another co-organizer) and me supporting Bunny Berry and RawFu.

This is where we set up our co-op and basket of organic produce to distribute on Saturdays.


I have been feeling a desire for a shift for sometime. I am wanting to break free and expand into other realms of optimal living. I really feel like empowering people to live their dreams. I want to live my life to my best, share my experiences with others and inspire them to live life with passion. I am currently having my website created. The focus is on empowered living. Wow, I had no idea how much work goes into that. I have so many things that I am doing and being a mommy-preneur is just another one of them.
This is definitely a top priority for me to get into shape. However, I was able to pay off one credit card. Only one more to go. Debt is absolutely something I want to eradicate from my life. I really want to be as free financially as I possibly can. I know that sometimes I put it out of my mind, but it's time I pull my head out of the sand and take some action to creating wealth and financial abundance. Mentors are welcome :)!

My Garden

Here is the trash bins for compost and as you can see I am already overflowing.

My south facing side yard with 4 raised beds.
This bed is filled with radishes and other stuff that I never harvested. I still haven't done anything with that irrigation hose. I am still hand watering which is tough to remember with my busy schedule.

Here is my bed of beets. It is the gourmet blend I planted in fall. It is almost ready to harvest. Beet greens are fabulous for liver function, bile flow that breaks down fat. Not to mention that they are awesome for sluggish elimination.

This is my carrot bed and honestly I don't know why they are growing so slow. I am not sure I'll grow carrots again, but it was a learning experience.

This is just a mix of all the other seeds that I had leftover that were planted here.

I received tons of goodies for my garden like rock dust! I can’t wait to get going on my spring garden. I mentioned earlier on the Ann Wigmore video, I saw a home compost system that was set up with big trashcans that had holes drilled into it (much cheaper than a tumbler). I went for it and set that up. I received lots of seed catalogs. It seems that winter is when the catalogs are sent and people decide what they want to grow for the year. I want a nutrient dense garden! Gardening is really teaching me to be better at planning and patience. It's not like I can pop a seed in the ground tonight and harvest the thing in the morning. It takes lots of dedication and love. Who wouldn't benefit from those traits?

Obtained a new camera
If you read my blog you know my home was broken into and my cameras were stolen. So, I now have a
new camera . I am actually excited since the format is jpeg avi which means I can now add to my videos using movie maker. My last one was saved mov. files and I wasn't able to convert them appropriately. Hey, learning to edit or add special features to my video sounds fun. I gotta embrace the technology world.

Home Life

New locks and an alarm system was installed. I talked with my neighbors and it seems that I haven’t been the only one who has been broken into. I have been dusting, moping, wiping down walls, windows, baseboards, and window blinds throughout my home. I am eliminating more stuff that I don't use. Less really is more. I have also been wanting to set up my dining room as a little dance/yoga space. Here is what I am starting with.

I want to install a mirror along that back wall, a barre, a removable pole and of course lighting and surround sound.

I came across videos and blogs that were inspired by me. Woo hoo! Nothing feels better than knowing that just by being me I am actually helping others. Thank you! Check ‘em out!
Nancy, Paige, and Annette . Guys, thanks so much for reading my posts and for supporting me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Burglars Caught in the Act

Last night, I went out to dinner with my children's father and children. We were out for about 60-90 minutes. When I arrived home I immediately sensed something was wrong. My tripod to my camera was moved in front of my front door and was meant to fall over if anyone entered through the front door. The TV was moved and the electronic cabinet below was open wide and empty. I heard noises of someone jumping on the trampoline in the backyard and saw my sliding glass door was wide open. Immediately I realized I was being robbed and they were still in my home. I had the phone in my hand and immediately dialed 911, while my ex, Dennis went chasing after them. While talking on the phone with an operator I walked into the master bedroom that had french doors (location of break in) that were flung wide open. There were electronic goods all dismantled and in the process of being packed into the pillowcases from the bed. The rooms had been torn apart, drawers were dumped out, etc.

Meanwhile, Dennis chased after the fleeting men who jumped over our back fence into my neighbors back yard and again jumped their side fence. They had parked their car in a vacant home on the street behind my home. Dennis was able to catch up with them and confront them. They were 2 Hispanic men 18-20 years old. They had left their car window down and Dennis reached into the car and tried to pull the keys out of the ignition. Unfortunately, they fought him off and they were able to get away and without a read on the license plate.

I felt a sick pit in my stomach. My kids were freaking out that their rooms had been torn apart. I hugged them and tried to remain calm. My daughter found our little Silky Terrier and was so relieved to find she was OK. My kids and I went from room to room looking to see what they had removed and what had been destroyed or damaged. The vibe in the house was dark. It just felt dark, nervous, black, and tainted. My instincts were to find some sage and clear the negative vibes. Questions ran through my mind and are probably running through yours!

How did they get in?
They used a couple of screwdrivers to break in through the french doors off the master bedroom.

Was anybody harmed?
No, thankfully they were not armed or confrontational. They fled as soon as they heard us.

What did they get away with?
Luckily, not much except for some electronic games from my daughter, my digital camera and video camera. (Sorry folks there will be no videos until I get a new camera.)We arrived home to where they only things the men could steal had to fit into their pockets. Since the house is a bit disheveled there may be more, but the big items are still here. Strange, there were two wallets both containing cash. One of them was even sitting next to the screwdrivers that they left behind. Perhaps that is when they heard us come in. The one thing that left me a bit uneasy is that they also took a key to my home. I didn't like wondering if they were going to come back with a group for more later.

How did they know when to break in?
I keep my car parked in the garage! Had the men been scouting my home and watching my actions for long before they decided to break in? Seriously, who breaks into a house on a Monday night at 8 pm unless they are keeping an eye out? I assume that they were watching my home and activity. If this was a weekend break in I would have thought that I was just a random home, but because I was only gone a short time I am sure they had been watching me. It doesn't feel good, but I am not going to let that turn me into a paranoid freak.

Why me?
Perhaps, they knew I saw a single mom which makes an easy target. Maybe this was karma from my teen years of shoplifting. Who knows why, but what is important is that we are all OK and I will take measures to protect my home and family. BTW, I think victim mentality is lame and why even waste any time feeling like "poor me". I don't need sympathy, I need to learn and grow.

Other questions ran through my mind as the police came and took a report and dusted for fingerprints.

Was this due to my public videos?
No. I really think it was just some guys who were on the look out and saw my home as being a perfect target. My videos are done from my home, but I am careful not to have license plates, addresses or any other information in the video. This was not by some viewer online.

Do I want to continue creating videos?
Especially since I can be seen as vulnerable since I lead a more transparent life? Now, some may say that this is a sign and I should stop making videos and live a more private life or cease to make the videos at my home. Others may feel this is an obstacle to see how easily I can be deterred from this path. Am I going to let this stop me or am I going to keep moving forward?
Here is another appropriate song. When I feel down and challenged I sing this chorus: (Yes, I am officially a dork)

"Ain't nothin' gonna to break my stride. Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh-no. I got to keep on movin'. Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride, I'm running and I won't touch ground. Oh-no, I got to keep on movin'."

Attachment to belongings & living a life with out keys
Honestly, I try to live with as little as possible. I am a big believer that the more materialistic lives we lead, the more we become slaves to them. We have to manage them, repair them, clean them, buy bigger homes or storage for them, organize them, or hire staff to do it for you, etc. We waste our precious time working to afford these things. The more we own the more they burden us. Now, I am not saying to toss all your stuff and live with nothing (which honestly must feel so freeing) but to own what you LOVE and USE. For me, it can't be one or the other, it must be both. Another thing is just remembering this is just stuff. It isn't me and it doesn't define me. These are just tools that I enjoyed while here. We all know you can't take it with you! Why get myself all worked up on stuff? I thought of a line from a song
Losing Keys by Jack Johnson , "maybe I've been better off with things that can't be locked at all". Imagine how much relief would come from not having to worry if someone is going to break into your home and steal your stuff?

Being protected, feeling safe and taking action
So, do I go crazy and Fort Knox the place or do I just move on? Well, a little of both. I am changing the locks now since they have a key to my home. I am also making sure things are more secure. I am investing in a home security system as well. I am not going to let my mind be bothered by this and feel paranoid when I leave my home. Like I said before, I am not going to be frozen in fear. I choose peace of mind and that is priceless.

Finding gratitude in "disturbing" situations
I am a true believer that there are positive outcomes and lessons to be learned versus feeling like a victim frozen in fear. I am now more aware of the security of my home. I can see that this was really minor in comparison to other stories of robbery or breaking in. I am so thankful my ex was with my kids and me and I did not have to face this alone, just his presence made me feel more at ease. I am thankful the men were unarmed, non violent and fled. I don't even want to think of how bad it "could" have been. I am thankful they didn't steal much. However, if they had, maybe they would have done me a favor and I would have lived simpler without the distractions of the digital world. Sometimes I feel like I am more involved with online interaction rather than just getting out and living my life. Even though I do enjoy sharing my stories and experiences with you! This has caused me to reflect on my lifestyle and to find the balance of living and being overwhelmed with the non physical world of the Internet. I am thankful that I am able to take better precautions and will be more prepared in the future if another incident were to occur. If I had to be robbed, then this was honestly the most ideal way for me to experience it. Not much was taken, we are all safe, my ex was with us, etc. I am thankful I am more aware of my safety and security. My priorities have been heightened. This makes me want to live, to enjoy my kids and stuff even more!

How does the law of attraction play into this?
Is this karma from my teen years of shoplifting? Have I been having thoughts of burglary? Well, actually yes. I have a book on
Chinese Forecasts and this month was to be of "misfortune" according to the book. It even mentions in the book to be careful of burglary. Now, someone pointed out to me, does the book carry a vibration and just the presence of it in my home bring that energy? Did I read it and absorb that energy and that played into my thoughts and awareness? Maybe both. Either way, I know that this is an opportunity for me to work on what I am attracting to me and also learning how to handle a difficult situation in a positive manner.

What's Next?
So, stay tuned... more videos and photos will come (when I obtain replacement cameras). Enjoy your day. My intention is that you learn from my experience and prepare your environments to where you do not have to go through this yourself. I know many have already experienced this. Hopefully, we were able to move forward and SHINE regardless of what we may undergo. I am inspired!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 2: Bikini Body Wrap Up

Weigh In
131.4 (down .5 lbs since last week)

Bust: 35.5" (same)
Waist: 28" (down .50")
Navel: 30" (down 1")
Hips: 38" (same)
Thighs: 22" (down .50")
Upper arm: 11 (same)
Calf: 13.50" (down .25")

Overall, that is a loss of 2.25 inches in just a week. Here is proof that the scale doesn't have to go down in order for my efforts to be noticed. I do feel that eating after 6 pm and overeating out of frustration has been a culprit to not losing any weight this week. I expect that to happen from time to time. As long as I see changes I am happy. It doesn't hurt that I kept inches in the curvy spots either. Those are usually the first to go. However, I know they will gradually decrease too. As matter of fact I enjoy having smaller breasts.

Goal: 9 hours
Total: 12
Met goal and exceeded by 3 hours (Woo hoo!)

Workout Breakdown
Yoga: 5 hours
Pilates: 1 hour
Spinning/Cycle: 1 hour
Latin Dance: 3 hours
Circuit Training: 2 hours

48 oz water
64 oz green lemonade (58 oz water, 8 oz lemon juice, 4 packets stevia, 1-2 T Vitamineral Green)
12-24 oz green smoothie
1 bunch of massaged greens
500 mcg kelp (thyroid support)

I didn't keep as immaculate records as I would have liked this week, so I can't give you the specifics. I will say that I did at least 75% this week. I will do better this upcoming week. I will tell you that I ate very late some nights, even to the point that I was stuffed. I also had dessert 2 times this week. I really didn't apply my discipline in my diet as much as I would like to have, but I have to remember this is a process. I don't want to overdo it and frustrate myself and give up. I have done that in the past too. I want to accept my imperfections and know that I am still doing good. No beating myself up for poor choices..just going to acknowledge them and move forward. Guilt is worse than the action itself.

Other Health Practices
Sauna- I missed it all week and I see a difference in my skin when I don't do it.
Colonic- I did one this week.

Inspired by Natalia Rose: I would like to not eat a solid breakfast until I have eliminated my meals from the previous day.

Gratitude Shout Out
Thank you Dhrumil and Rawvolta for mentioning me in your blogs and on your websites. You guys rock. Also, thanks to all the readers out there that I don't know who are reading my blog. I appreciate you too.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Week 1 Wrap Up: Bikini Body

Weigh In
131.8 (down 2 lbs since Day 1)

Bust: 35.5" (down .25")
Waist: 28.5" (down . 25")
Navel: 31" (down .75")
Hips: 38" (down . 25")
Thighs: 22.5 (down . 50")
Upper arm: 11 (same)
Calf: 13.75" (up .25")

Overall, that is a loss of 1.75 inches in just over a week. This is fantastic and I need to remember that my efforts are not going unnoticed even if I make a poor diet choice here and there. My good efforts far outweigh the negative ones.

Goal: 6 hours
Total: 11 1/2
Met goal and exceeded by 5 1/2 hours (Woo hoo!)

Goal: 21 quarts
Total: 25 quarts
Met goal and exceeded by 4 quarts (Woo hoo!)


Goal: 14 servings
Total: 9 1/2 servings
Did not meet goal, short by 5 1/2 servings. This is probably why I ate things I shouldn't. It is hard to eat junk when you are full on greens. Plus they squelch my cravings since they are feeding my body the nutrients I need. Therefore I am not "starving" for nourishment. I didn't take any kelp for my thyroid either. I will make a stronger effort this upcoming week.

Goal: 1 hour 20 min
Total: 2 1/2 hours
Met goal, exceeded by 1 hour 10 min. This is actually just an extra goal, it wasn't top priority, but I am glad I did it. My skin looks better & smells cleaner as a result.

Fasting Blood Sugar
89 (perfectly normal)

Blood Pressure
81/51 LOW! I have always had low blood pressure, but I have been noticing a decrease over the years. However, this almost seems too low. I measured my blood pressure about an hour after doing vigorous exercise and 25 minutes in the sauna. I am not too sure if that contributed to the low number. According to Wikipedia my reading classifies as "hypotension". When I read some of the symptoms I have to admit that I am cold. However, that may be due to my low body temperature from dealing with hypothyroidism. Aside from that I do not experience any other symptoms. Perhaps this was an inaccurate reading. I took it at a local drug store that carried a machine that self operates. Who knows. The best way to find out is to keep taking readings
and see what happens.


slightly acidic

Week 2 Goal
My goal is to incorporate more yoga, begin a purification program, & go high greens.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 New Years

Here are some photos with me and my 3 sister-in-laws on New Years Eve.
Jessica, Me, Darlene, Christine
Easy boys, they are all married to my brothers!
Being Silly
I don't know why, but this is something I always do when they say to act goofy for the camera. I go grabbing!
This year I spent New Years w/ my family. The kids had a blast.
Meg w/ her friend striking a pose!
I don't think they were really paying attention to the camera, do you?