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Monday, December 7, 2009

Living a Transparent Life


Sarah said...

This is such an inspiring video. Thanks for sharing! I definitely desire to live a transparent life that I believe in!!!

anne said...

such a great way to think about our actions and words! i'm definitely going to reflect on this today. thanks again lori. you always live up to your name!

btw- you look very fresh, glowy and beautiful in the video ;D

Prosechild said...

when you asked how we'd act with a camera on us, my first thought was 'always happy and motivated'. So that means acting unhappy and unmotivated are not actions aligned with my being! Great video.

Marty said...

You have beautiful teeth

Lori Painter said...

@ Sarah- yeah baby!

@ Anne- thank you so much!

@ Prosechild- YES!!!

@ Marty- thank you! ;)

Ariana said...

I really love your blog - I am reading all the aricles, they are awesome and amazing. This video really made me think - I never thought about my life in this way and it's a great inspiration. Thank you very much for sharing, you are a wonderful and gorgeous woman!
Best regards from Switzerland :-)