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Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Heal the Planet

By now, most people know how destructive our actions have been to this planet. If you need a refresher, please check out this blog I wrote a while back, Learning to Live With Less . There is a video from National Geographic that will really give you a graphic image of what's really going on. Watching that video totally changed my life. I am happy to share with you some simple ways that make a HUGE difference and it starts in your own body and home. I think of my own body and home environment as eco-systems in themselves and to heal them as well. The tips I share below will improve your body ecology, the hygiene of your home and the planet. Here are my top 10 favorite and most powerful ways to heal the planet.

Consume Less
People are in the automatic habit of just buying what they want right then and there without any thought of how their mindless actions are affecting the state of our planets health, not to mention our financial health (see this funny SNL skit). Watch this video on "The Story of Stuff" before you make another purchase. Find out if the items you are wanting are available for rent or can be bought used before you make a new purchase. Of course, make sure this is something you really need and will use and won’t and up in the back of a closet or garage somewhere. Most of the time, if I see something I want to buy I don't impulse buy it. I will go home and if I really want it I will go back another day and get it. However, I find that 90% of the things I thought I wanted were not really necessary or I didn't passionately want the item. My home is my haven, I only want the best in it so I will keep space for things I love. I also find that owning less gives me more free time and I feel a sense of peace.

Reduce or Eliminate Disposables
Stop purchasing plasticware like water bottles, bags, plastic wrap. Don't forget paper products like plates, napkins, newspapers, get removed from the junk mail listings. This is all unnecessary waste. If you use these items then wash and reuse them. I prefer to re-use glass in my home, but I do have a few plastic items I reuse for example, my compost container.

Aim to have more in your recycle bin than in your trash bin. Know what is able to be recycled and what is not. Try to only use your recycle bin and not your trash bin and see how long you can go before needing trash service. My kids and I are doing an experiment to see how long we can go without using trash service and see how little we are dumping into the planet. It's exciting to see where we once had our trash bins full each week for trash service and now we are able to miss a couple of weeks and still not be overflowing with trash. Maybe I could start some sort of challenge to see how long a family household can go without needing trash service because they simply aren't wasting. Hmmm.....

Change Your Diet- Go Raw Vegan
If you have been following me for some time now this just seems like a no brainer. However, if you are new to my blogs PLEASE research how destructive consuming commercially raised animal products is to our planet! It is appauling what the practice of consuming these foods are doing! It is the NUMBER ONE way to really make a difference in the healing of our planet! If you are going to eat meat, find a local farmer who raises grass fed livestock and will sell to you. However, I just bypass that step all together! If you are a MAJOR RAWK STAR then take the next step and say NO to packages, boxes, & cans and say YES to fresh produce! Your body will be cleaner, your home will not need harsh chemicals to clean it after using animal products and your planet will thank you.

This is so easy to do and you’ll have lots of scraps if you are eating raw. It drives me nuts to see people tossing fruit and veggie scraps into the trash! I have 2 growing kids and we go through a lot of produce everyday. I use a simple large storage container with a lid that I keep in my kitchen to collect scraps. At the end of the day I take it out to the compost bin outside at night and wash out the container. The lid eliminates gnats or smells. If you don't have space for a compost bin in your yard, blend and bury the kitchen scraps... the worms will thank you!

Grow Your Own Edible Landscape
Check out the video "The Future of Food". This will inspire you to grow your own food. Put your water to good use rather than watering a toxic lawn. Great role models are the Dervae's in Pasadena, CA. I really enjoy GrowingYourGreens channel on YouTube. Not only will you get higher quality foods, you'll enjoy many varieties never found in grocery stores. I have found edible landscaping to be the ultimate for food connoisseurs.

Use Non-Toxic Gardening & Landscape Methods
Ditch the miracle grow and round up products!
Instead of round up use mulch to keep weeds down
Use compost instead of synthetic fertilizers
Ditch the toxic pest control and....
Use orange essential oils to deter ants
Use spearmint essential oils to deter flies

Use Non- Toxic Cleaning Supplies
For dishes and laundry I use Seventh Generation products.I also like to clean my produce with food grade H202. For an all purpose cleaner I use GSE & essential oils mixed with water and use a microfiber cloth. I polish wood with coconut oil.

Use Non- Toxic Hygiene Products
Instead of toxic toothpaste, make your own like shown in this video HERE
Instead of toxic mouthwash use, rinse with diluted food grade H202 and follow up with mint essential oils
Skin: FRICTION is the BEST cleanser! Use a skin brush, shower gloves and a microfiber cloth.
Instead of typical body wash, use Dr Bronner's Castile Soap or Tate's Miracle Wash.
Instead of typical lotion, use coconut oil or Shea butter.
Instead of perfume, use essential oils.
Instead of toxic deodorant, use salt deodorant.
Shampoo less and "dry poo" more with corn starch & good ol' friction again.

Reconnect & Spend More Time in Nature
This will give you a healthy respect for our planet and remind you to make honorable decisions
Go on nature walks & pick up trash.
Ride Your Bike-especially if the weather is nice and you are only traveling a short distance. Take eco-vacations and volunteer to preserve a beautiful location or organic farm with WWOOF.

I really hope you take the time to watch the video links and really see what we can do to make a difference. I am thrilled and honored to say that I am living very green. However, it seems I can always find more ways to go greener. So, please post a comment down below and share how you care for our planet.


Melanie said...

I love your blog, Lori & have been following it for a while. I have one question... have you heard of people getting headaches from too much produce? I try to incorporate a ton of fresh produce into my diet and occasionally, I'll attempt to go all raw. But when I go 2-3 days with nothing but raw foods, I start to get debilitating headaches. Any suggestions??

Melanie said...


Lori Painter said...

@ Melanie-your headaches are probably coming from withdrawls of addictive chemicals in your food. That's why symptoms cease when you go back to your old way of eating. Give yourself some time to detox and get that junk out of your system. I would also try to get only organic produce to make sure you aren't loading up on pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc...yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lori, this is a great blog. I try to get greener and greener myself, there are some great ideas in your post.

Marty said...

Lori ...you are awesome

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................

Lauren & Sean said...

Excellent list, Lori! I'm happy to say that we're putting each of these tips into daily practice. We've slipped back into lots of cooked (vegan) food since beginning our digital nomad lifestyle, so raw was a great reminder. I often think of raw in terms of health & forget how absolutely healing it is for the planet.

I'd like to second the comments about produce. Detox can be crazy, but it's worth it. And seriously, always opt for organic or "pesticide free" whenever possible. Our bodies always notice!

Much Love,

Shauna@BreathingProsperity said...

Lori, I just dropped by to see how you are doing and what you are writing about, and as always, you live up to your mission to 'Inspire to Act.' THANK YOU for being the brave, aware woman who puts her research and passion to good use in inspiring others to do better, for themselves and for our beautiful, vulnerable planet.



Lydia said...

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