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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fast Food Salad On The Go


Julie said...

Hi Lori! What a great idea! I have to try this sometime. I LOVE sauerkraut :)

I just started a raw blog too - hopefully you can check it out :)

cary said...

Love your Blog!! you have the best ideas! I'm 30 days into the raw lifestyle and these little ideas are Huge! I know way thought I could get that much greens in a day but massaging the greens has made it possible! Thanks

Raw said...

I obviously need a bigger salad bowl. = ) It's amazing how an entire pound of greens can condense down like that once massaged. I agree, having a pre-made salad dressing is so crucial when saving time is an issue. Thanks for the video, Lori!

brenda said...

Hi Lori,

Do you have recipe for the creamy sauerkraut? Or is it store bought?

Thanks this is wonderful!

Lori Painter said...

@ Julie....awesome! Congrats on your blog. I will go check it out.

@Cary.....wow! So glad I can be of help

@Raw....you are welcome

@Brenda....the saurkraut was store bought, but the dressing was made. Check it out...it is a raw caesar salad dressing. I posted it a couple weeks ago!

brenda said...

Thanks Lori! I did check out the Ceaser dressing video yesterday. Looking forward to making it. Please keep these videos coming. Thanks!

Lori Painter said...

@ Brenda- You got it!