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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#12 Bikini Body Challenge Update: 115 lbs.

Look, it's no secret that I struggled with weight loss. I've been there done that, and I blasted my journey on the Internet & I have done it all. I have sabotaged myself, overwhelmed myself, procrastinated, overate, ate junk food, got distracted, and didn't always follow through. I did it on my own and it took me over 2 years to get here!

I don't want that for you. Now that I have rocked out my bikini body I want to help you get your body rocking too! I have created a program that I WISH existed when I was trying to lose weight. I want to provide you with a structure and a coach so you get there fast and have a blast doing it!

If you want to learn more about how you can get your bikini body...check out my bikini body program!


Jenny Shih said...

Lori, Your energy is infectious! I love how excited you are. I'm not much of a bikini girl but now you're making me want to be one. Thanks for the inspiration. I love that you said "I'm saying NO to everything." You're incredible!

Anonymous said...

Lori, congratulations! Your enthusiasm is world class and inspiring. Also, you look fantastic! You are so right about the importance of honoring the body's needs. I still think you should put up some side by side, before and after pictures to show your magnificent progress. 25 pounds is VERY impressive! You've inspired me to lose 8 of my own the past month.

Thank you again,

grass fed momma said...

Girl, you look amazing! Good Job!
love you

Lotta said...

lori you are such a sweetheart and huge inspiration. Thanks so much...
your vid brought me back on track....

Dave said...

Outstanding !!!!!!!!!... While you don't inspire me to get into a bikini. YOU DO INSPIRE ME TO DO MORE WITH MY LIFE !!!...Blessings to you always my sister...
"The Raw Food Trucker"

Dave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CynthiaTerese said...

You are so
inspiring and look amazing!

Lori Painter said...

@ Jenny- It has very little to do with the bikini and everything to do with FEELING AMAZING! :) THANK YOU!

@ Vanessa- I am so glad you reminded me...AGAIN!!! :)

@ Debbie- Thank you!

@ Lotta- YAY!

@ Dave- Whew, good thing I didn't get you in a bikini! However, that would be a funny sight! Thanks for the love!

@ CynthiaTerese- Thank you!!!! :)

Rambling Heather said...

You are SO inspiring! I love all of your youtube video's!

Queen Bee said...

Just found your site after listening to an old podcast interview! Thanks for putting up so much great information! =D

Real Family - Real Food

Anonymous said...

wow good job Lori you look great and are so inspiring! I was wondering if you did the 80/10/10 diet the whole time and how that diet made you feel because I was thinking about trying it out for myself. Thanks!

Lori Painter said...

Hey guys,
Sorry for the delay over here as I am now I have moved to a new website... lifebylori(dot)com You can get hooked up over there!

@ Rambling Heather! Thank you!

@Queen Bee- Thank you ! So glad you checked it out!

@Tirzahm- I always suggest people try 811 and see how they look and feel! I eat a modified version that suits me! :)