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Sunday, October 12, 2008

10/6-10/12 Weekly Diet & Exercise Wrap Up

Diet & Exercise Log 10/6-10/12

Day 8 10/6
BM: 3 H20: 2 qts Supp: iodine Juice: 32 oz Sun: 10 min Sauna: 30 min
Earned Breakfast: 50 min swim laps in pool
1: ¾ C choco steel cut oats: coconut oil, salt, vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa powder, maple
2: carton of strawberries, peach, apple
3: 32 veggie juice (napa cabbage, bell pepper, Anaheim chili, garlic, onion, celery)
4: Steamed Spagetti squash, date & walnut, granola, apple tea
Workout 2: 2 hour Power Yoga Class

Day 9 10/7
BM: 3 H20: 4.5 qts Supp: iodine Juice: none Sun: none Sauna: 30 min
Earned Breakfast: 90 min yoga (didn’t finish BK class)
1. ¾ C steel cut oats : maple, cinnamon, coconut oil, salt, vanilla
2. 3 apples, 3 handfuls of baby carrots
3. sautéed butternut squash & 4 Vegan cookies
4. Sweet potato plain steamed
Workout 2: 4 mile walk, 45 min swim laps

Day 10 10/8

BM: 1 H20: 1 qt Supp: 0 Juice: 0 Sun: 0 Sauna: 0
Earned Breakfast: REST DAY
1. 1 Cup raw soaked oat groats
2. 1 heirloom tomato w/ ½ avocado
3. banana w/ almond butter, cacao, pecans, agave, salt
4. Au Lac: cream cheese, salmons rolls, hot & sour soup, raw taco, raw fried rice, Chocolate Xstacy, Elixirs

Day 11 10/9
BM: 1 H20: 2 qts Supp: 2x iodine Juice: 0 Sun: 60 min Sauna: 25 min
1. 8 oz sun warrior shake
2. 4 bites beans, ½ avocado w/ 1 heirloom tomato &sea salt
3. banana w/ almond butter, cacao nibs, agave, sea salt, handful of baby carrots
4. tomato w/ ½ avocado, red bell pepper soup w/ ¼ avocado & bell pepper topping
Workout: 3 mile run in 37 min, 6 mile bike in 25 min

Day 12 10/10
BM: 2 H20: 2 qts Supp: iodine Juice: 0 Sun: 0 Sauna: 0
1. banana w/ cacao , almond butter, agave
2. banana w/ cacao , almond butter, agave
3. red pepper soup w/ ½ avocado
4. beans, rice, avocado, tortilla
Workout : None

Day 13 10/11
BM: 2 H20: 2 qts Supp: iodine Juice: none Sun: none Sauna: 30 min
1. plums
2. raspberries, strawberries, ½ peach
3. apples
4. red pepper soup, big plate of broccoli, big plate of baby carrots w/ olive oil
Workout : 12 laps of swimming, 1 hour massage

Day 14 10/12
BM: 2 H20: 2 qts Supp: iodine Juice: 0 Sun: 0 Sauna: 25 min
Earned Breakfast: 35 min jog on treadmill, 60 min spinning, tone inner & outer thighs, & abs
1. 2 peaches, strawberries
2. roasted acorn squash w/ onions & garlic
3. 1 handful cashews
4. cooked oat groats w/ maple, cinnamon, salt, vanilla


Michele said...

Great post!!! You are truly inspiring to watch....I am a new raw foodist trying to figure out what works best for me...I know a can do 100% but not everyday of the week...sometimes I do steamed meals.
I was wondering about the iodine.
I too seem to have some thyroid issues as weight does not come off easily and some other issues I thought were attributed to 3 kids, being 37....MD said I was borderline hypothyroid a few years back but I refuse to take any medication unless really needed. What supplement are you using??? I have found a few and I am on the fence...I was going to go to local coop to see whats best

Thanks again ....Michele

Lori said...

There are several factors in the thyroid. I was not diagnosed by an MD. But I had been tested by a DC, LaC, and a Master Herbologist who practiced iridology. All three found a sluggish thyroid. The first recommendation was to take my body temperature in the morning for a week before rising. I found mine was very low. I was recommended to take 24 drops of "IOSOL" daily which can be found online. I also have kelp that I take. I am starting a high dose for 3 months to build up the thyroid and iodine reserves in my body, then I will see if I can reduce the amount to a normal dosage. Sea Veggies are great sources of natural iodine.

I also take coconut oil and try to stay away from the cruciferous foods.

I was exposed to high levels of chlorine and flouride as a child which is very damaging to the thyroid. Check to see if those are possible sources you are beng exposed to.

Michele said...

Thanks so much for the info...
I did the body temperature for a week and mine was also low. This with some hair loss and real slow weight loss led them to believe thyroid. I read somewhere David Wolfe also recommended Kelp powder and sea veges as well as Maca which I will be putting into smoothies...

Again thanks for you inspiring vlogs.

Frederick said...

Hello. Coconut oil can rev up metabolism that can lead to proper thyroid gland functioning.

One coconut oil meal can elevate metabolism and keep it elevated for up to 24 hours. Since thyroid gland activity is linked to metabolism, it's not difficult to see how coconut oil can help bring about optimal metabolism and thyroid function.

Just my little two cents about the matter.

Your Drugstore in a Bottle

Anonymous said...
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