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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Burglars Caught in the Act

Last night, I went out to dinner with my children's father and children. We were out for about 60-90 minutes. When I arrived home I immediately sensed something was wrong. My tripod to my camera was moved in front of my front door and was meant to fall over if anyone entered through the front door. The TV was moved and the electronic cabinet below was open wide and empty. I heard noises of someone jumping on the trampoline in the backyard and saw my sliding glass door was wide open. Immediately I realized I was being robbed and they were still in my home. I had the phone in my hand and immediately dialed 911, while my ex, Dennis went chasing after them. While talking on the phone with an operator I walked into the master bedroom that had french doors (location of break in) that were flung wide open. There were electronic goods all dismantled and in the process of being packed into the pillowcases from the bed. The rooms had been torn apart, drawers were dumped out, etc.

Meanwhile, Dennis chased after the fleeting men who jumped over our back fence into my neighbors back yard and again jumped their side fence. They had parked their car in a vacant home on the street behind my home. Dennis was able to catch up with them and confront them. They were 2 Hispanic men 18-20 years old. They had left their car window down and Dennis reached into the car and tried to pull the keys out of the ignition. Unfortunately, they fought him off and they were able to get away and without a read on the license plate.

I felt a sick pit in my stomach. My kids were freaking out that their rooms had been torn apart. I hugged them and tried to remain calm. My daughter found our little Silky Terrier and was so relieved to find she was OK. My kids and I went from room to room looking to see what they had removed and what had been destroyed or damaged. The vibe in the house was dark. It just felt dark, nervous, black, and tainted. My instincts were to find some sage and clear the negative vibes. Questions ran through my mind and are probably running through yours!

How did they get in?
They used a couple of screwdrivers to break in through the french doors off the master bedroom.

Was anybody harmed?
No, thankfully they were not armed or confrontational. They fled as soon as they heard us.

What did they get away with?
Luckily, not much except for some electronic games from my daughter, my digital camera and video camera. (Sorry folks there will be no videos until I get a new camera.)We arrived home to where they only things the men could steal had to fit into their pockets. Since the house is a bit disheveled there may be more, but the big items are still here. Strange, there were two wallets both containing cash. One of them was even sitting next to the screwdrivers that they left behind. Perhaps that is when they heard us come in. The one thing that left me a bit uneasy is that they also took a key to my home. I didn't like wondering if they were going to come back with a group for more later.

How did they know when to break in?
I keep my car parked in the garage! Had the men been scouting my home and watching my actions for long before they decided to break in? Seriously, who breaks into a house on a Monday night at 8 pm unless they are keeping an eye out? I assume that they were watching my home and activity. If this was a weekend break in I would have thought that I was just a random home, but because I was only gone a short time I am sure they had been watching me. It doesn't feel good, but I am not going to let that turn me into a paranoid freak.

Why me?
Perhaps, they knew I saw a single mom which makes an easy target. Maybe this was karma from my teen years of shoplifting. Who knows why, but what is important is that we are all OK and I will take measures to protect my home and family. BTW, I think victim mentality is lame and why even waste any time feeling like "poor me". I don't need sympathy, I need to learn and grow.

Other questions ran through my mind as the police came and took a report and dusted for fingerprints.

Was this due to my public videos?
No. I really think it was just some guys who were on the look out and saw my home as being a perfect target. My videos are done from my home, but I am careful not to have license plates, addresses or any other information in the video. This was not by some viewer online.

Do I want to continue creating videos?
Especially since I can be seen as vulnerable since I lead a more transparent life? Now, some may say that this is a sign and I should stop making videos and live a more private life or cease to make the videos at my home. Others may feel this is an obstacle to see how easily I can be deterred from this path. Am I going to let this stop me or am I going to keep moving forward?
Here is another appropriate song. When I feel down and challenged I sing this chorus: (Yes, I am officially a dork)

"Ain't nothin' gonna to break my stride. Nobody's gonna slow me down, oh-no. I got to keep on movin'. Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride, I'm running and I won't touch ground. Oh-no, I got to keep on movin'."

Attachment to belongings & living a life with out keys
Honestly, I try to live with as little as possible. I am a big believer that the more materialistic lives we lead, the more we become slaves to them. We have to manage them, repair them, clean them, buy bigger homes or storage for them, organize them, or hire staff to do it for you, etc. We waste our precious time working to afford these things. The more we own the more they burden us. Now, I am not saying to toss all your stuff and live with nothing (which honestly must feel so freeing) but to own what you LOVE and USE. For me, it can't be one or the other, it must be both. Another thing is just remembering this is just stuff. It isn't me and it doesn't define me. These are just tools that I enjoyed while here. We all know you can't take it with you! Why get myself all worked up on stuff? I thought of a line from a song
Losing Keys by Jack Johnson , "maybe I've been better off with things that can't be locked at all". Imagine how much relief would come from not having to worry if someone is going to break into your home and steal your stuff?

Being protected, feeling safe and taking action
So, do I go crazy and Fort Knox the place or do I just move on? Well, a little of both. I am changing the locks now since they have a key to my home. I am also making sure things are more secure. I am investing in a home security system as well. I am not going to let my mind be bothered by this and feel paranoid when I leave my home. Like I said before, I am not going to be frozen in fear. I choose peace of mind and that is priceless.

Finding gratitude in "disturbing" situations
I am a true believer that there are positive outcomes and lessons to be learned versus feeling like a victim frozen in fear. I am now more aware of the security of my home. I can see that this was really minor in comparison to other stories of robbery or breaking in. I am so thankful my ex was with my kids and me and I did not have to face this alone, just his presence made me feel more at ease. I am thankful the men were unarmed, non violent and fled. I don't even want to think of how bad it "could" have been. I am thankful they didn't steal much. However, if they had, maybe they would have done me a favor and I would have lived simpler without the distractions of the digital world. Sometimes I feel like I am more involved with online interaction rather than just getting out and living my life. Even though I do enjoy sharing my stories and experiences with you! This has caused me to reflect on my lifestyle and to find the balance of living and being overwhelmed with the non physical world of the Internet. I am thankful that I am able to take better precautions and will be more prepared in the future if another incident were to occur. If I had to be robbed, then this was honestly the most ideal way for me to experience it. Not much was taken, we are all safe, my ex was with us, etc. I am thankful I am more aware of my safety and security. My priorities have been heightened. This makes me want to live, to enjoy my kids and stuff even more!

How does the law of attraction play into this?
Is this karma from my teen years of shoplifting? Have I been having thoughts of burglary? Well, actually yes. I have a book on
Chinese Forecasts and this month was to be of "misfortune" according to the book. It even mentions in the book to be careful of burglary. Now, someone pointed out to me, does the book carry a vibration and just the presence of it in my home bring that energy? Did I read it and absorb that energy and that played into my thoughts and awareness? Maybe both. Either way, I know that this is an opportunity for me to work on what I am attracting to me and also learning how to handle a difficult situation in a positive manner.

What's Next?
So, stay tuned... more videos and photos will come (when I obtain replacement cameras). Enjoy your day. My intention is that you learn from my experience and prepare your environments to where you do not have to go through this yourself. I know many have already experienced this. Hopefully, we were able to move forward and SHINE regardless of what we may undergo. I am inspired!


Kristen Painter said...

Sorry you've had to deal with this. What an awful thing to go through, especially for your kids.

Penni said...

God Bless you and your family. I'm so sorry to hear about such a violation to you and your home. I'm also sooooo thankful that you all are alright and I think a home security system is a good idea since you're the only adult in the house.

Sending love and peace to you!

Toni said...

Im sorry to hear about this. You know what you have to do now, GET AN ALARM SYSTEM, so you can sleep at night. ;)

Matthew said...

That is scary! We almost always have someone here at my house, probably why we're one of the only few who haven't been burgled in the last 20 years where I live. It's good to hear no one was hurt though, I think that is the most important thing. You should get a good security system, and maybe a pet dog too, that does help deter them sometimes.

elasticfate said...

Wow, so sorry to hear about this, but really glad to hear how you're handling it. We can't control situations, but we can control our reactions, and you are doing such an amazing job with that!

Anonymous said...

wow what a good attitude you have. I am glad you are all safe.


lisa cole said...

lori, i'm so happy to hear all involved are ok ...

this is my current favorite "dorky feel good song" ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkygN_87Ols

the gist of the lyrics are ...

"i'm sending out a message to myself
so that when i hear it on the radio
i will know that i am fine
i will know that i am love"


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you and the kids are OK -- that's priority -- things can always be replaced ... if necessary -- i am glad you are taking a positive approach to your experience -- you have inspired me to downsize even more :)

hugs T

Anonymous said...

So glad that this turned out the way that it did. My home was broken into a couple of years ago, & I didn't handle it near as gracefully as you are. Keep remembering that all is well!

Anton said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this happened to you but your attitude is AMAZING!!!

Go Girl!!

Kristen's Raw said...

So sorry to hear about your experience. We had a break-in while we were sleeping (I lived in MI at the time) and it's a feeling of violation - horrible.

Wishing you peace amidst all of this,

Lori Painter said...

Wow, thank you guys so much for reading and commenting on my blog! Seriously, it feels good knowing that people are out there and want to know whats going on with me and wish all is well. After reading all these kind comments I was brought to tears. You guys are awesome. I feel loved!

Caleb said...

That is nuts. My house was just broken into as well. It was actually vacant when they broke in except for a few things which they took. We had just moved out and I will be renting it out soon. It was a disturbing feeling when my own key would not work in the front door and I walked around to the back to find a window wide open. I can totally relate to this post. We also had stuff stolen out of our back yard the weekend of the move. I am pretty sure it's our neighbor with a lengthy criminal record. Glad to hear everybody is okay.

RAWVOLTA said...

Be well, Lori. Be safe..<3

Aimee (Bitt) said...

oh my gosh! i am glad you are Ok and that you didn't lose more. and you are safe.

Anonymous said...

That's an awful experience, but that's wonderful that you're all ok. I hope you can get back to us all and update on what's been happening as soon as you're able!

Isle Dance said...

I am so sorry that this happened...that you all experienced this. My thoughts are with you to keep going strong.

debbiedoesraw said...

My family had a few break ins when I was a kid, it really makes you feel vulnerable and scared. I hope they are too scared to bother you again. Good job and get your security system going asap!

Robert said...

My remedy for a burgler aftermath.

"Have a house party with many friends" it takes away the stink of the violation you get from the bad people. Then get motion sensors for the house....and fake signs on the out side that say burgler alarm warning and set etc..
burglers think twice and have the signs written in spanish as well that say WARNING burgler alarm. and if youhave noisy motion sensors in the house even if the break in and hear the sensor go off. they will think twice. you can get cheap fake cameras off of ebay and stuff likethat. you dont have to spend too much money but just on warning signs posted all around yoru house and the noise motion sensors...set before you leave even outside by doors they have no idea that they dont do the real thing?
have a party with loved ones that filll the house with love.
USA, Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Hello Lori,
I read your comments on relationships and romance. I agree with you 100% 2nd time around for me and I am very picky. It has to be right dead on. Too huge of a cost (emotions). But yeah you have it right dead on Lori about waiting and working on you first.
Funny, my son is 17 and I tell him to date many girls to see what he likes (not abuse them or take advantage)just get some variety. He has done that. He has dated the clingy kind, the too clingy kind, and the too freaky kind, the nice and simple kind, etc...and I told him you may change later on. But the girl you end up with cannot take away from who you are but only add to you and maybe make you a better person. I said get your career on line first, travel the world and when you are in your late 20s early thirties then you might be ready. But like anything a career, buying a house, finding a love, you have to experiment. Merry a person who is some what like you. My percentage is 80/20 rule. 80 percent like me in regards to sex, religion, interests, kids, friends, and 20 percent wonderfully different. That is a good balance..and for the first time in my life too like you, I love being single and to feel in my gut that I don't need a women, I would like one but not to need one, makes me feel good an happy. But of course I do want one. You wil find your man. And I know he will be damn lucky! ;)

Joshua said...


Someone broke in to my home in Christmas of 2007 so I know the feeling and I did much and went through much of the same feelings and thoughts you did afterward….of course I am not an attractive single mother but you get my point. ;o) I am glad you and your family are safe and that you’ve taken action to feel peaceful.

The lessons for me are clear.

I found it interesting that you pointed out the intruders were Hispanic without really sharing any purpose of your description. Why did we need to know this?

Perhaps your viewers needed to know because there is an opportunity here. Perhaps there is a population of people there locally that need your help. Perhaps this is a great reminder that there are people with basic physical, mental and emotional needs living right down our streets, on our blocks, around our corners or in the cities next to us that aren’t being taken care of or who haven’t been developed enough to live independently within our societal standards.

Can you use this experience to Inspire You 2 Act in some sort of philanthropic way? Maybe you already do philanthropic efforts and this can serve as a reminder of motivation or perhaps it’s simply a message your viewers need to see.

We are connected to everything on the planet here and that of course includes every human. Your experience is a great reminder to me that while we all need to take personal responsibility for our own actions and self care, that showing, guiding, and supporting others to do the same will also effect your personal experience. As you can probably see, had these men not believed they needed whatever they were coming for, your home wouldn’t have likely been invaded.

Just to be clear, I am not saying you don’t participate in philanthropic efforts and you are surely inspiring people here on your blog postings and through your videos….I just see this described experience as a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves and your viewers that everyone’s basic needs being fulfilled will raise the level of consciousness here on our planet which ultimately will impact all of our lives.

Joshua said...

I know me personally....I need to do and can do more.

Joshua said...

Yikes...by golly.....I Found It!

Why did I attract thy people breaking in my home?

What dawned on me after my post as I was jamming and dancing here in my dwelling this morning was that I am a VERY giving being and while I do give quite a bit in my life I can give quite a bit more...I have so much more to offer to planet Earth and I don't give it.......why? Because of a poverty mindset...somewhere back in the dark...deep in those caverns of the sub conscious there has been a belief that if I give all I have to give I will have less and eventually run out of things to give. Sure, I've told myself otherwise on the conscious level that the world is abundant and plentiful and unlimited and my life experience has changed immensely since shifting to that sort of conscious thinking but deep down I am starting to recognize (in this moment) there is a conflicting belief...

Thanks for sharing your story Lori...it's helped me figure out what could very likely be what "attracted" my break in.

Deep seated poverty mindset = attracting others who might be living in poverty or mental and emotional poverty to take what I don't give? I have to ask...if I had given all I am capable my entire life, would my community be the same? Would there actually have been a break in?

Hmmmmm something for me to ruminate on within thy mind and heart.