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Friday, March 6, 2009

Basil Wrappers from "Entertaining in the Raw"

I have never claimed to be a genius in the kitchen. I'll leave that to the pros! However, I am proficient at following recipes. I don't even follow them exactly and they still seem to work out fine.

After the video footage my son decided he did like the wrappers after all, and we devoured the rest of the wrappers. This was super fun and easy to do with my kids. What a great way to teach them a healthier way of eating. I feel good that their recipe knowledge has a healthy base unlike my upbringing. I learned as a kid how to make things that tasted good, but health wasn't the focus. I am glad I am turning it around for my kids.

The wrappers are very filling and I can see if the presentation was done correctly that it would be a hit at events. I normally keep things simple for raw potlucks,but this would be awesome, even for non raw people.

The cheese is creamy with a little tang to it, the dehydrated tomatoes have an intensified flavor, the avocado and basil just round it out. A total comfort food! The wrappers called for spinach juice, but I used kale juice. It didn't affect the flavor, but it did intensify the color. The wrappers tasted like creamy bites of heaven with vibrant flavors from the cheese, tomato and basil. A must try!


Aimee (Bitt) said...

your kids are so adventurous! good for them. i have to book on my wish list as i enjoy eating in the raw a lot.

Bella said...

Why is Alex being so mean to you on the video? :'-(