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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week 3 Results Bikini Body Weight Loss

Weigh In : 129.2 lbs

The inches are playing games on me, but I have to admit it has been almost 2 months since my last measure and weigh in. So, this is where I am at now.

Bust: 36"
Waist: 28"
Navel: 31"
Hips: 38"
Thighs: 23"
Upper Arm: 11.50"
Calf: 14"

This looks about where I started, but it just goes to show that fat inches and weight loss can be two different things. As I mention in my video, it's impossible to lose more than one pound of fat a week. So, I am looking at a slow and natural evolution in my body.

My goal is to have fun. I want to enjoy being active not dread working out! I am going simple again with:
walking daily 2-4 miles
sun saluations daily, I want to try this fierce flow !
core rhythms (this was a gift from a friend and I LOVE it). I fall in love with dancing again and again. :)


Sarah said...

I L-O-V-E this update. Your excitement just radiates through the video. You've definitely got the 80/10/10 high! There is really nothing like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! I had a huge smile on my face during most of this entire video. This video had it all; good health information, motivation, and eye candy. I drank orange juice today. I'm gonna say something wild here: ... I can't say it. I chickened out. Just know that I need someone like you in my life if I want to live happy and healthy. Спасибо большое! -Jordan "Real Thinker"

Lauren said...

I am so interested in 80-10-10. The book is just to expensive for me right now. But thanks for all the tips. The grain thing totally makes sense.

P.S. I watch The Biggest Loser also..some of the things they eat are horrific! ;)

Sarah said...

I thought the 80/10/10 book was expensive when I first checked it out. I finally decided to buy it anyway. It was the best purchase I've ever made. Totally worth the cost. You should save up for it Lauren :)

Kasia said...

Love your post... I just started my own weight loss program, trying to stay at least 50% raw and mostly vegetarian. Your blog is very motivational and it's great knowing other people are trying to live and improve their lifes the healthy way. Keep up the great work!

Courtney said...

This is awesome! Thanks so much, Lori for the straight talk, enthusiasm, and motivation :)

Metta said...

Congratulations! I have also been interested in 80/10/10 but a little off-put by the high fruit. Glad to see it is working so well for you. I look forward to seeing your progress with the 80/10/10.

Anonymous said...

you kill me...keep the 36" inches line...don't get tooo skinny..
you need to have something there left! ;) you look fantastic!
dont be the incredible shrinking woman...
(your greatest fan)

Anonymous said...

I love your videos. I wish my breast look like yours after having kids. You are so brave to put all your feelings out there.

Lori Painter said...

Sarah: Thank you!!! I am so glad I finally gave 811 a shot and KNOW that it really rocks!

Jordan: I am so glad I am bringing a smile to your face. Now go get your health rocking!!! :) I'll be here to cheer you on!

Lauren: just imagine the weight loss on the Biggest Loser if they ate this way. WOW! Talk about transformation! Yes, this book is really worth it and then some. Go check out the forums on 811 online and see if you are into it. foodnsport.com

Kasia: Thank you and best of wishes on your health journey. :)

Courtney: Thanks! I get so excited sometimes I can't help it. I have to set the timer in the kitchen to remind me to shut up a little...LOL. Glad you are enjoying it!

Metta: This diet of 811 is like night and day to what I felt on gourmet raw foods filled with all the "stuff" other than fruit and veggies. A total different vibe!

Robert: I wish I could pick and choose which areas to shrink and swell! I'll let Mother Nature do the size figuring just as long as I am healthy I am happy!

Anon: Thanks, I am pretty brave. I sometimes shock myself that I am making these videos, but I just feel so good with the positive feedback I am getting that I keep going!