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Friday, May 8, 2009

#2 Low Back Pain - Self Help

Sorry about the video quality. I think it has something to do with the editing software I used. So much to learn.


JohannaB said...

After watching your video on low back pain I subscribed to your blog. I was sitting at my computer feeling tension in my lower back. Can't wait to get home and try the poses. Hi from Topeka, KS.

Logslider said...

Thanks for the tip!
You mention you are also training for surfing. How is the surfing going? What kind and size of board do you ride?
I just spent two days surfing in south OC and what a difference being raw makes in terms of energy - so much lighter and relaxed.
Surfing in the raw is great!

Holly-uk said...

aww this is a great video! i wonderered where you went... how is the weight loss going? x

Lori Painter said...

JohannaB: Thank you for subscribing. :)

Longslider: I used to ride a7'2" fun board in Hawaii. In So Cal I have done a little long boarding, but I haven't been out in forever! I gotta work on my paddling strength. Surfing is so fun and a great way to get in shape. :)

Holly: I hit my 2 lb goal and then messed it all up this past week. I should have busted out the camera when I hit it, but I didn't. So, double the efforts this week...Darn scale...LOL.

Kendra said...

Damn, girl! I just want to lose enough weight to be able to do those poses - I've had LBP for soooo long. By the way, you are smokin' hot - you do know that, right? Thanks for the video! :) Kendra

Paul said...

Lori - I truly luv your intention here. It's really great for you to offer some help as so many people have some type of low back pain at some point. However, I must caution you that much of what you are demonstrating is not appropriate for beginners, those who are out of shape and others. For example, the down dog & standing forward bend poses: suggest you offer option to bend the knees for those who find these poses challenging, for example. otherwise, one could really strain themselves. I am not trying to be critical. i totally luv your videos, your caring heart, sweet space and beautiful being. But proper training and/or experience is important when guiding others in such matters. Just my 2 cents as a yoga teacher & athletic trainer. Peace!!

Lori Painter said...

Kendra- Thanks. Your comment cracked me up! :)

Paul- I thought about that afer I posted this. My goal was to share what I do to relieve my back pain and I am aware that not eveyone can do what I did. I plan to make more videos and I am sure my communication will get better.

Paul said...

Lori, I hesitated to comment because, as I said, I really understood your intentions. I was not suggesting an improvement in your communication at all; rather, a caution when 'dabbling' in giving advice in an area outside of one's expertise or complete understanding. Maybe I'm making too much of this? After all, I did not comment that you needed to be a 'relationship expert' or a certified raw food chef in your other videos? It's just that I've seen too many people get hurt: what works for one body or back may not work for another's. Caution not criticism is what I'm suggesting.

Lori Painter said...

Paul- I do have a background in group fitness, personal training and injury rehabilitation in addition to manual therapy. I do understand your caution and I appreciate your thoughts. We both get each others point :). Thank you for your helpful insight.

Paul said...

Apologies, Lori. I was not aware of your background. The only other thing I would like to comment on is: YOU ROCK!!

balancefromwithin said...

Hi Lori-

Love your blog.....But I must make a slight criticism......As someone who rehabs backs for a living, and knowing that most people have flexion imbalances (rather than too much extension, like you).....This advice will probably help 30% and send the other 60% farther into dysfunction. I used to do the same thing until I developed disc protrusions from it-



cherrybombpie said...

hey Lori,

Nice job with the video, I am going to used what I've learned and teach it to my bf who has lower back problems.

Lori Painter said...

Mike- Thank you for your insight. I made the video to show one of the many ways I help my low back. I know not everyone has my situation. I will be posting future videos discussing more on low back pain since you and I both know there are a ton of scenarios that contribute to the imbalance. :)

Cherry- Thanks for following me here from G Living! Let me know if this helped at all.