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Friday, May 1, 2009

Fitness Goals, Evaluation, & Workout Plan

My Fitness Goals
To have a lean long body that looks hot in a bikini, also to have the athletic ability to surf, dance, and snowboard. I do not want to compromise athletics for aesthetics.

My Current Stats
Age: 32
Height: 5'5.25"
Weight: 126.8 lbs.
Body Fat: 22.8% ( 29 lbs of fat)*
BMI: 21

Bust: 35", Waist: 27", Navel: 29.50", Hips: 37.75", Thigh: 22.50", Upper Arm: 11.25", Calf: 13.50"

Ideal Body Composition
Weight: 113
Body fat: 16% **
BMI: 18.7

Bust: 34", Waist: 25", Hips: 35"

The Difference
Weight: 14 lbs.
Body fat: 6.8%
BMI: 2.3

Bust: 1", Waist: 2", Hips 2.75"

Because I am female I have higher estrogen and lower testosterone. This means it takes women longer to gain a pound of muscle than it does for men. On average, it takes men 2 weeks to gain a pound of muscle and for women it takes about 4 weeks. Lean muscle raises the metobolic rate. 1 lb. of muscle burns 35-75 calories a day. Therefore, if I gained 8 lbs. of muscle, I would be burning 280-600 more calories a day, which would allow me to get more nutrient into my body.

Workout Plan
3-4 hours of dance class a week (latin & hip hop) for fun cardio.
1-2 times a week swimming to build upper body strength for paddling when I surf
3 hours of yoga for strength and range of motion.
3: 30 minute strength training sessions (Day 1: core, Day 2: lower body, Day 3: upper body)

During strength training I am to maintain a target heart rate range of 136-146, with ideal at 141 (according to my age). 80% of my strength training should be with free weights because they recruit more muscle fibers than machines. 20% should be on machines so I can keep proper form and my heart rate up between exercises. The machines would be a bit of a support and provide a bit of rest from the free weight exercises.

Stay posted for my fitness analysis video on cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. This should be fun and quite possibly embarrassing. :)

* Figuring my pounds of fat by multiplying my weight (127) by my body fat% ( 22.8) and dividing that number by 100. This gave me a reading of 29 (technically 28.9) pounds of fat are on my body.

** Dr. Douglas Graham recommends for women about 13-19% body fat.



When I was straying from raw, I went to Chipotle ALOT. I was eating there 4 times a week at times. I started avoiding Chipotle because I firmly believe that they put something in their food to make consumers physically addicted and always coming back for more!


Ooops! I meant for that to be on your last post.

Jonathan Lee said...

inspiring. maybe i should go work out so I can be back to where I was when I was in my high school many years ago.

debbiedoesraw said...

Hi Lori
Have you read Thrive by Brendan Braizer? I find it truly helpful with my strength training and endurance. His recipes and ideas are raw and brilliant!

Eric said...

The last time I was at the gym and they checked my body fat percentage it was about 6%. The trainer said it was dangerously low. According to the internet I am very close to being dead. I feel great and everyone tells me how good I look. I do wish I could gain a few pounds though. I attribute it to high stress and a high raw diet.