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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

30 Days of Fitness- Week 3 Update

This 30 Day Challenge was to get me to workout everyday for 30 days even if it was just a short walk everyday. I found that each week just inspired me to take one more step and to add another goal. Here is what I have added so far.

Week 1 Goal: walk 5 miles & do 2 90 min yoga sessions
Week 2: same as week 1, plus 5 miles & drink 96 oz H20
Week 3: same as week 2, plus 5 miles & no food past 6pm

Week 3 Goals
15 miles total run/walk
2- 90 min yoga sessions
96 oz H20 daily
No food past 6

Day 15
5 Mile walk/run in 53:50 WOO HOO!
(getting better everytime, but boy does it kick my booty!)
drank 96 oz H20
did not eat after 6- woo hoo!

Day 16
3 hour Acro Yoga Workshop
(SOOOO fun! Met 2 other girls there that live local & are raw foodists!)
drank 96 oz H2O
I ate a bowl of veggie soup around 7:30- oops! So much for no food past 6

Day 17
4 mile easy walk (not timed)
I didn't get all my water in for the day ( I think I had about 50 oz)
I ate past 6 again, darn it! This time it was social eating. I need to keep social activities ACTIVE and not revolving around food. Maybe tea would be a better way to sit and chat. :)

Day 18
5 mile run/walk: 54:35
Ate past six again & didn't drink all my water either

Day 19
90 min power yoga class
96 oz H20
I ate after 6 again. ;( I think this is a reason my weight isn't where I want it to be. I didn't know I ate after 6 so many times in the week.

Day 20
3 mile walk
2 mile run
Forgot to track water intake today
No food past 6 pm! WOO HOO!

Day 21
4 mile walk
Forgot to track water intake again...DOH!
I ate after 6 pm ...a weight gain culprit has been discovered.

23 mles total run/walk
1 - 90 min power yoga session
3 hour acro-yoga workshop
Messed up on water tracking
I ate past 6 most days of the week so I will be working on that again this week.

I am thrilled I have exercised 21 days consecutively! My cardio is improving faster than I expected. I know I didn't meet the goal of not eating past 6, but that's OK. I'll just be more aware of it this upcoming week. I'll evetually get there. ;)

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