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Monday, July 21, 2008

Skin Tone & Food

Problems with a red or ruddy complexion? How about a dull, sallow, or grey cast to your skin?

Well, I found that we can correct this through the food we eat in our diet. I have heard many people complain that vegan people do not look healthy, that they look pale. Most meat eaters use this as a way of proving that we must eat meat to be healthy. I found some of what they said to be true and some of what they said to be false.

I followed a vegan diet last year and noticed much of my diet consisted of beans, rice, steel cut oats, quinoa, etc. Lots of grains, beans, and lentils. I noticed that I over indulged in these foods rather than focusing on the veggies. The starch was the main course. Anyhow, if you look at the color of these foods they are a bland, dull, pale color for the most part. So it makes sense that if we leave out the veggies we are going to take on the color of the starches in our complexion.

So an experiment took place. I began consuming major amounts of carrot juice, eating butternut squash, and yams. I also was taking iodine to correct a thyroid imbalance. Sure enough after a month or so I was receiving comments on my skin. Asking my ethnic background or how I had a very warm glow. I noticed my foundation was looking very pink on my skin. It didn't match like it once did. I went on for months and the color of my skin became more "golden".

It makes sense if you look at a color wheel. You can self correct by eating foods that are on the opposite side of the color wheel.

I know it sounds weird, but I found out that I can change my skin tone. This really happened to me by accident. Once I noticed what was happening I became more deliberate and I have been having fun with it. I decided to go raw from being vegan and it has made the process more obvious.

I stopped with the orange foods and went on a very green diet. My complexion looked balanced.

Then in just the past month or so I began eating beets, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, etc... like crazy. Again, I noticed my skin has become "pinker" or rosier. This is crazy, but it makes total sense.

So I 've come to a simple conclusion:

If you have a red skin tone...go to the opposite side and you'll find green. If you consume major amounts of green food and juices, in a short time your red will soothe out. It reminded me of when I would look at the makeup section in stores and see a pot of green concealer to apply to red areas of the skin to neutralize the color. This is the same concept only healthier. It is possible to self correct your skin tone without the use of make up.

If your skin is pasty and dull, bring back the rosy cheeks and try eating lots of reds like in berries, red bell peppers, cherries, beets, etc. After a month or so you will notice a rosy flush to your face.

And if you are wanting a golden look then knock yourself out with orange foods like I did. Just make sure you are getting enough of that color in your diet.

Notice the palms of your hands, the inner portion of your forearms, and the bottom of your feet, because those areas show the color change as well. The veins showing in my forearms went from a blue cast to a green cast to a purple cast. It was the skin over the veins that was affecting it. When I would get a massage, my therapist would always mention the color change.

If you have any similar stories...please share them with me. I am curious if I am the only one who has noticed this.


Anonymous said...

hi there..very interesting article indeed - and it does make sense. I wanna try this.

What do you recommend for a male who used to be golden (skinned) became dark on face/arms due to extended (years of) sun exposure the rest of my body (especially parts that were always covered by cloth) still retain this golden brown skin.

So according to you should i be eating more "orange" colored foods? - did I get it right? - your feedback will be appreciated.

lois lane said...

Hi there. I found this article because people are always commenting that I look 'yellow' - and it is especially obvious on the palms of my hands! I have a lot of food allergies so have a very limited diet - and some of the foods I can eat and that I also really enjoy are yellow fruits - papaya, mango, pineapple - and I also eat carrots, pumpkin and yellow sweet potato!! So I've just started this morning having a 'green' juice of celery and spinach in the hope that this helps! Coz people think I've overdone it on the self-tanning!!! I'd like to be more pale - so according to your theory I need to eat more purple - hmmm - perhaps beetroot juice!! 'o)