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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolution: ME!

Here is a picture of me last year where I was at my ideal.
I weighed: 108-110. My measurements were: 34-25-35
I did lots of internal cleansing with milk thistle, dandelion, and lemon. I worked out training 2 times a week and a 2 hour power yoga session at least once a week. I also was drinking 1 1/2 gallons of herbal tea or water a day. I did not eat until I had worked out. I earned my breakfast. I made my meals last a minimum of 20 minutes, I chewed until liquid and I ate to keep me from being hungry rather than being full. I took lots of green supplements as well as kelp for my thyroid.

Well, time passed, I changed my diet to vegan. I started eating lots of grains, beans and starches. I also stopped working out as regularly. I became more sedentary, working on the computer and more inconsistent with my eating. All my good habits slowly disappeared. So, here is where that took me. This is my starting point now:

Age: 32
Height: 65.25 inches
Weight: 133.6
BMI: 22.1
Frame: small
Type: Meso- Endo

Waist: 28.75
Navel: 31.75
Upper Thigh( up 9" left): 23
Calf( down 4" left): 13.50
Upper Arm( down 6" left): 11

Maybe now you can understand why I am feeling so blah! about my body. It is time to get those good habits back and rock out a hard body.

I am not one to wait until New Years to take on a new project. I usually do them as I see fit. However, there is so much energy in the New Year that I thought I would take advantage of it and make ME my New Years Resolution. I feel that the number one thing that bothers me in my life is my body. I know that may sound weird to some who watch my videos, but being very invested in health I know that I am not in optimal physical condition. This wears away at my self esteem and my confidence. I tend to avoid social events. Sometimes, I realize I am being ridiculous and I get out and just live life regardless of how my pants fit or what the scale says in the morning. I feel like I am somewhat of a hypocrite if I do not emulate all that I educate to others. So, if it bothers me this much I might as well do something about it. Not only is health my profession, it is a passion of mine. I find that in my free time I am learning more and more about living a healthy life. I would pay to learn more and try different therapy modalities. If I was a billionaire I would still invest in my health. You just can't take it out of me, no matter what, health is going to be a major role in my life. It only makes sense, if you don't have your health you really don't have a foundation to build your life upon. I truly feel that when you start with your body and clear out the garbage and fill up on the good stuff that it enables the mind to become clearer. We can take in more information, our focus and concentration is improved as well as our memory. When the mind is clear it is much easier to feel our spiritual connection and follow a life path that is truly satisfying. As we jump start the body, the mind opens and the inspiration flows through us. The whole mind-body-spirit approach is addressed just by improving our health.

It makes sense to make this the number one step in personal development. Steve Pavlina is a huge advocate of 30 day trials. So, I thought I'd give it a shot myself.I have done 30 days on a raw food diet. My plan is to expand on that.

The plan for the next 30 days are as follows:
  1. Exercise a minimum of 60 minutes daily
  2. Consume a minimum of 3 qts of water daily
  3. Consume greens & kelp
  4. Complete a purification program
I have been doing some of these for a while, but I am not consistent on a daily basis. That's where blogging and video comes in handy. I need the accountability to stick with this and what better way than to go public. It's not very fun sharing an out of shape bikini picture with the world. I can't wait to share my in shape bikini picture, though. I am keeping my eyes on the prize!

I will be posting regular daily updates on my progress, what I am experiencing, learning and so forth. I will also include my weigh in weight, my measurements, BMI, food log and workout log!

What are you waiting for? Do you have a rocking hard body? If not, get to it! Let's do this together!


Kristen Painter said...

I've already started! I'm on day 4 of the Master Cleanse and looking forward to incorporating raw foods into my diet when I come off the cleanse.

Anonymous said...

Were around the same weight.
How tall are you?

paigearoo said...

OMG, Lori, you are so brave! Get down with your bad self! You look great, even if the shirt doesn't close! Good luck! I can't wait to see the entire process :)

Lori Painter said...

Kristen: Way to go! I am right behind ya!

Chel: I am 5'5 1/4

Paigearoo: You have no idea how I debated not posting this! I am still in shock a bit!

Anonymous said...

hey Lori, Let's do it together. We can motivate each other. My email is anj_118@hotmail.com It's time for a healthier life.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy now. I could say a lot of good things here, but I don't want to embarrass anyone. But, I'll admit that because I sort of know you (and you know how I adore), when I saw you in your bikini in pics and video, my insides began to churn and yearn in a painfully pleasant way. You move me Lori! For reals! And, can you guess my favorite ice cream flavor? Yep, that's right; Chunky Monkey! Happy New Year. Thank you and peace. ~Jordan "Real Thinker"

Courtney Pool said...

Good luck and have fun with it, Lori! Good for you!

Col @ life by muse said...

Hi Lori,

I have been toying with this idea myself for a while now and you know how "thoughts become things" ... I may just have to join you! I'm a bit all over the place with where to start ... last year I lost some extra pounds just by cutting out sugar and flour for a *completely different* reason and the lighter-me was a by-product. Hmmm ... do I do that again, hmm... Thank you for stirring up the thought process here! :)


debbiedoesraw said...

seriously Lori, you look great as you are.. but if you don't feel great, then go for it! My hubs thinks I am too thin, I am at 120 and am around 5 ft 6 in tall, really low for me, due to raw etc. A year ago, I was 138.

Good Luck to you, you look good no matter what!

Lori Painter said...

Anjana: I am so glad you are on board! Do you have a blog set up so we can watch you transform your body?

Jordan: Chunky Monkey is also a great drink too!Thanks for keeping me from blushing as you know it would! It is a bit embarrassing to post this kind of stuff.

Courtney: thank you

Col: get in the game....join me! The more the merrier!

Debbie: I know that I am not obese in any way. However, I used to sport a hard body and it just feels so GOOD! I felt confident! Since I gained the weight, I noticed that left me. So, I gotta do what makes me feel on top of the world! Thanks for your support!

Jon Bischke said...


My goals for 2009 are to weigh 185 lbs (I'm 180 lbs right now) and have 10% body fat (I'm currently at 15% body fat).

Also, I want to get my RHR down to 55 and run a half marathon in under 100 minutes.

Best of luck to all of you with your goals!!

Jessica T. said...

Thanks for sharing! My 2009 resolutions also include more exercising and eating more raw foods!

Penni said...

Cheering you on, beautiful! I know you will reach your goals....putting yourself and your plan out there like this is going to be a really big motivator to others and a great accountability tool for you. As always....you inspire!

Loulou said...

Hey Lori,

we are on the same paths it appears.....I too have taken these steps as you to acquire my 'summer' body which seems to have gone a bit wayward of recent :0)

I was 112lbs in the summer....I am now...ahhemmm...125lbs.

(I haven't been as brave as to post publicly myself in a bikini but I am doing so on my personal blog for keepsake....can't wait to post the 'before and after' photos...........
Bon courage to you Lori

Lori Painter said...

Jon: why you gotta be checking up on my "chunky monkey"?!?! LOL... j/k. You knew me when I was at that weight & it is time for us to bring on some sexy bodies... however, I didn't see yours posted...hmmm!

Jessica: Don't you think everyone should have that resolution? It can't get any better than that! Ok, well...maybe, but it is still really a good one!

Penni: thanks for your support. Posting this was not only freaky & unnerving, it was very liberating and empowering at the same time!

Loulou: trust me...I can't wait to post my "after" pic. I don't need the before pic haunting me....LOL. Living in So Cal, you practically need a bikini body all year!

Aimee (Bitt) said...

please tell us whatever you do. i could stand to lose 5-10 pounds.

RAWVOLTA said...

Lori! You are incredible! Love your honesty!
I am almost exact measurements and I have same goals!
I gained 10 pounds since a year, being raw, life, superfoodist and blogger - which means-seating lifestyle. That's right - Computer, blogging on my rawfoodtip.com and on some art blogs!
Just signed up for spinning cycling, power yoga and ABS.
Wish You all the best! Wish me all the best!

RAWVOLTA said...

Everything you do inspires2act!
But-how about making a website to teach women ..how to start living on her own..
A website about your history and how to start being independent women again.

Lori Painter said...

Bitt: I am definitely posting my workouts and diet! I'll do it weekly :)

Rawvolta: Thank you for both comments. I definitely became softer/spongier being on the computer more. Darn it! I hope you jump on and start rocking out a hard body along with me! We deserve it.
I like your idea to talk about more of my history & being independent. Did you see my videos on youtube? I started in that direction on some of them! More to come!

Vicki said...

I'm interested in your comment about kelp for your thyroid. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis ever since my 1st son was born and I can't seem to loose the infamous last 10 lbs. What does the kelp do?

Lori Painter said...

Vicki: the thyroid needs iodine to function. I also know that cruciferous veggies are thyroid suppressing. Chlorine and fluoride wreak havoc on the thyroid as well. Don't touch any soy products either!

I had a great response while I took kelp. I don't know why I stopped, but I am starting back on it! I can use all the help I can get & it sounds like you can too!

RAWVOLTA said...

Yes, Lori, I saw most of your videos.
I wish we would have a website for raw vegan women ( or not necessary raw vegan, but trying to get there)who need an empowerment of many kinds.

rawprincess said...

Hey, congrats on going public with your health and beauty goals.

I'm on day 5 of Raw Fu and doing ok. I actually gained from overeating during the holiday raw challenge. I think I'm turning a corner now though.

I'm hoping to make some changes in my life situation to create more peace and less stress. Creating sacred space in everyday life is so important.


Keira said...

I am on the same page as you Lori. I just don't feel like myself with the extra weight on. i know so much about health so it frustrates me that I'm not taking advantage of that knowledge as well as realizing the many health problems my unhealthy habits have caused me. how can i stop saying i'm going to take care of myself and actually follow through? best of luck to you and i hope we can keep each other on track.

Anonymous said...

Sad... that is considered a bad weight? Even with the camera adding ten # it looks great. Why not focus on behaviors instead of a number? Doing things that keep you sane. And if you lose weight, you lose weight--if you don't, you don't. Do the Power Yoga without a number tied to it.


Lori Painter said...

Rawvolta: Let's put together a team of women who all contribute to a blog with your empowered theme in mind!

Cindy: thanks for checking out my blog. I really hope you do well with raw fu! Bunny is the best!

Keira: make a public announcement. It is very liberating and it keeps you accountable! Cheers to getting your best body and living a healthy life.

Barb: thanks for your comment. I understand what you are saying. I put a number out there for the general public. I am bit into measurements though... I have gained weight, I don't fit my clothes & I know I can feel better. I have an amazing camera..it DOES NOT add 10 lbs. As a matter of fact I look better on camera than in person! Shh... don't tell everyone, it's my little secret. I know I don't look bad, I am just in the mood to be a leaner version of me.

Anonymous said...

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