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Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 10 Daily Commitments

With New Years around the corner I thought I'd nail myself down to a few commitments before I enter the year. I have found that being wishy washy only stresses me out emotionally and I never get the things I wanted to accomplish done. Here are the commitments so I don't play these head games like, " Am I gonna workout today?" , "Am I going to eat all raw today?", etc... Once I make up my mind, the rest is easy. It's the head games of indecision that haunt me.

Before I make any commitments I should know what the desired end results are. Here are the biggies:

Major Life Categories
1. Health: Bikini Body (purification, raw food, yoga, dance, surf, snowboard)
2. Relationships: Manifest a Man
3. Career/Purpose: Create value & build a successful online presence
4. Finances: Eliminate all debt & generate multiple streams of passive income
5. Living Environment: Expand my gardening/edible landscape
6. Fun & Recreation: see bucket list (see earlier blog)
7. Personal Growth: live honestly, honorably, and immaculately

I will make an effort in each of the above "life categories" each week.

As for the daily basics, the following are the little things I want to have as solid habits.

Daily 10 Commitments
1. water
2. greens
3. exercise
4. get in the sun
4. gratitude journal & visualization
5. do something fun & that makes me laugh or feel really good
6. hug & kiss my kids, smile more & make eye contact when out & about
7. post a blog, video, photo
8. keep immaculate financial records
9. floss & skin brush
10. make my bed & deep clean something


Sarah said...

These are some excellent commitments! Thanks for the inspiration :)


Sunshine said...


You never cease to amaze me girl! I strive for excellence as well, but I'm thinking you take it above and beyond even where I go! Go YOU girl! :D

Seeker said...

Manifest a Man.

Here I am!

Anonymous said...

you are gorgeous. I'm so jealous;) Wow. You really inspire me. Your beauty and determination, are almost overwhelming. I believe you will achieve all your goals. Good Luck. I was so excited to see that you weigh the same as me, and same height. So now I have some competition. Sorry but I feel compelled to ask this question, please don't feel offended, but do you have breast implants and did you get a nose job. Just wondering because they both look so perfect!!

Lori Painter said...

Anonymous: I have never had any plastic surgery. My bathing suit just squeezes "them" to make them look fuller and higher. My nose is my good old nose! Thanks for thinking they look perfect! BTW, glad to see I am giving ya a little nudge to rock a nice body!

Kasia said...

As I said earlier.. I love your blog..very inspiring...obviously you have achieved your goal of changing your body because you look great... bout how bout manifesting that man? lol.... sorry, dont mean to be nosy but I want to manifest one too ;-)