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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekly Workout & Diet Wrap Up

Water: 2.75 gallons + water from 8 young thai coconuts
Bunches of Greens: 1 (way off base, should be 10-14)
Cooked Meals: 5 (way too many)
Fasting Days: 2: 24 hour sessions
Workout: 10.5 hours
Dance: 2 hours (latin)
Yoga: 3 hours
Walking: 5 hours
Strength: 30 minutes
Sun: 3 hours
Sauna: 2 hrs 15 minutes
Home Colonics: 2

Daily Breakdown
Sun: none (cold out)
Sauna: none
Workout: 2 hour walk
Water: 80 oz H2o
Diet: 1 apple, Chipotle bean & rice burrito extra guac, a few sips of a soy chai latte & rice crispy treat (WAY OFF RAW !)

Saturday- 24 hour fast (from 4:30 pm Friday to 4:30 pm Saturday)
Sun: 60 min
Sauna: 25 min
Workout: 90 min walk
Water: 65 oz H20, coconut water from 2 young thai coconuts
Diet: fasting 24 hours, broke fast on Chipotle black bean & rice burrito (black beans, rice, corn salsa, guacamole, pico de galo). Not exactly the way I planned to break my fast. 2 apples

Sunday- accidental fast (from 5pm Saturday to 5pm Sunday), home colonic
Sun: 60 min
Sauna: 40 min
Workout: 60 min latin dance
Water: 48 oz, water from 2 young thai coconuts
Diet: fasted 24 hours (accidentally) broke fast w/ 4 frozen bananas turned into ice cream, 3 apples, couple sips of a margarita, chips, salsa, & guacamole

Sun: none (cloudy)
Sauna: 25 min
Workout: 2 : 60 min yoga sessions
Water: 3 young thai coconut water
Diet: 4 frozen bananas turned into ice cream, 4 apples, 4 frozen bananas w/1-2 T cacao powder

Sun: none (cloudy)
Sauna: none
Workout: none
Water: 40 oz H2o
Diet: 4 frozen bananas + 2 T cacao (blended into ice cream), 3 apples, Au Lac Restaurant:

Song salad, soft taco, cali rolls, pistachio "bread", flax "bread"

Sun: none (too cool to lay out)
Sauna: 25 min
Workout: 60 min latin dance, 60 min yoga, 75 min walk
Water: 56 oz.
Diet: 5 bananas made into ice cream, apple, Thai: Tom Kah Kai (veggie coconut soup), veggie pad thai, veggie panang w/ rice. I waited far too long to eat and was far from home. I caved into hunger. Plus the 3 hours of exercise just helped me "justify" the calories. I know, it's lame. I admit it. :)

Sun: 60 minutes
Sauna: 20 minutes

Home colonic: I always feel like I need to do this after I eat cooked food. It's like I want it out of my body ASAP.
Workout: 30 min Lower body strength training, 30 min walk

Lower Body Exercises:
1. Walking lunge
1. leg press on machine,
2. static squat hold against the wall
3. 1 legged medicine ball squat w/ back foot on step
4. slow reverse lunge off step
5. forward lunge on step
Ab Exercise: medicine ball crunches w/ extended reach
Water: 48 oz H2o, water from 1 thai coconut
Diet: 5 bananas + 2 T made into ice cream, 2 cucumbers, 1 bunch of steamed broccoli (plain)


Jennifer said...

Lori, having you post your diet and exercise and "struggles" is helping me cope with mine. I'm doing 24 and 48 hour fasts and it's hard to do it! I've been logging how I feel and trying to do other things to keep my mind off of my stomach while water fasting. Usually showering helps, or writing down why I'm doing the fast and how I feel helps, or talking to my roommates help. But it's still a struggle. Thank you for being an inspiration and posting. You make me feel not so alone on my journey. --Jen, from SF (I send more msgs on FB :) )

Amie Sue said...

It doesn't seem like you eat much...are you getting enough calories?

Anonymous said...

it's funny how you call yourself "health conscious", when in reality, someone honestly concerned about their health & well-being wouldn't expose themselves to UV rays for a measely tan - it seems like the word "image conscious" is more fitting when it comes to you.

just some food for thought...
no pun intended, of course.