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Sunday, April 19, 2009

My First Date


Johnny said...

Chivalry is'nt dead ;)!!! I think people these day's put too much pressure on dating and expect to fall in love on the first date or for that person to like them on that first date. I think people need to just enjoy the date and each others company and take it day by day.

Falling in love is something that you shouldnt have to work at, it happens, you just know it, you feel the click! As far as being in a relationship, I feel that person should "naturally" be able to fit in every aspect of your life..that's what makes it synergestic! :) That's my two cents :)

Joshua (song list request guy) said...

Thank you for sharing insight from your (a woman’s) perspective.

On another note, I bet if you went out with the guy again and focused on presence and let go of the idea of “dating” you’d be enjoy more peace around the experience.

In my humble perspective:

“dating” = expectation = out of present moment

present moment living = full acceptance = love

holly-uk said...

aww i enjoyed watching these!! :)

I can totally understand how difficult it is going to dinner with somone who isnt raw - im only 20, and how many 20 year old boys know about raw!!? eeeeeek!!! x

Aimee (bitt) said...

Lori, I can imagine how hard it must be trying to date again. It was hard enough for me trying to find a vegan guy, I can't imagine navigating it raw. I appreciate your honesty and enjoy hearing your thought processes. Part of me thinks that if you felt challenged a little, that's a good thing and that you should continue to get to know him. I think you will know if you meet him again how you feel. Of course, when you meet again the expectations can go up. Good luck and I look forward to hearing more!

Joshua said...


I know a 21 year old one if you want to meet him next time your in AZ. I can introduce you. Good friend of mine. :O) (I met him at my hot yoga studio).

Lori Painter said...

Johnny: glad chivalry isn't dead. I agree that a man should fit naturally into every aspect of my life.

Joshua: great advice

Holly: you crack me up! But seriously, I know what you are saying. LOL.The elite men are looking for us ;). We are a rare breed. :) Looks like Joshua is hooking you up :)

Aimee: It is a bit nerve wracking at times when I think about finding a raw foodist! This whole new chapter of my life is gonna be a wild ride. LOL.