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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Gets You High?

These things rejuvenate me, bring out the best in me, and remind me to celebrate the gift of life.

1. Loving my life, my kids
2. Writing in my gratitude journal
3. Envision my life direction (vision board or programming)
4. Reading "Levels of Human Consciousness" for Enlightenment in "Power vs Force"
5. Yoga
6. Getting a massage
7. Sun bathing & reading a good book
8. Meditating in the sauna
9. Dancing to awesome music
10. Fasting
11. Eating raw food
12. Sharing a conversation with someone who is AWAKE
13. Learning something new
14. Turning people on to transparent living
15. A day of silence

I almost forgot making love would be on this list too...hmmm... back to those romance videos :)

How about you?


HerbNewborg said...

If I have a dispute, can you mediate it for me in the sauna? :)

Curtis Duncan said...

Greetings Lori,
This is Curtis Duncan. I know you from GITMR and Twitter I guess. I love your energy, openness about you and your blog. Power Vs Force is an excellent read. Books such as those helped me to realize that my level of thinking was also going to be a huge determinant of my life and health too. Sex is up there on my list too. Keep up the good work, peace and abundance to you.

A M Wills said...

Hey Lori,

Thanks for the list and your right, 'Power vs Force' is a tremendous book but I highly highly HIGHLY recommend you also check out the rest of the books Dr. Hawkins has written.

PvF is the first in a long series, each one progressively helping the reader along their spiritual pathway.

You're as entertaining as ever :-)


Emily said...

Hey Lori,

I love your list - made me stop & think/reflect. Especially the day of silence.

A few things that would be on mine would be people watching from the couch (something I do to take a break from *doing* on the weekends), listening to music ~ like Natalia Clavier ~ & giving it my full attention, becoming more and more raw (raw until dinner now & sometimes all day!), hypnosis with my coach because she gets me to see things from a different perspective and taking a long hot shower after work to wash the office away...

Have a great day,
~ Emily.

Holly - UK said...

I love your list - made me stop and think about it! :)
Dancing is like number 1 on my list!!! haha loves it sooo much :)

Your doing great at the moment with all your workouts :) xx

Kristen's Raw said...

Great list!!!

Lori Painter said...

Herb: I am such a dork! I didn't catch my spelling error. Thanks for keeping me on track!

Curtis: You are a reath of fresh air! Love your perspective.

AM Willis: I do have the other books. I find that reading the levels from where I am at on the calibrated scale and going up raises me immediately. Gets me real!

Holly, Emily, Kristen: Thank you!

HerbNewborg said...


I'm sure your spell checker told you that you had no errors.

Actually, that may be a good idea for a business. Dispute resolution where both parties first need to go through a period of meditation, massage and sauna before coming to the table to settle their differences...might work!

Be well,