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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Green Stuff

Here is an update on my "Peas on Earth" raw food challenge. My goal was not to eat 100% raw, but rather to take in the proper amount of hydration (water) and 2 bunches of greens. I think when I went raw originally I was overwhelmed with the changes that I missed the core of our dietary intake.My appetite and emotions are much more balanced on the greens. I am learning to break emotional eating patterns and eat for nourishment.

I also go into the other "green stuff" aka: MONEY! I have a few thoughts on how we obtain it, how we spend it, and the state of our economy.


Anonymous said...

Hi-ya, it's DurAR89. Thought I'd say hi.

I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the current crisis, what you think the causes of the problems are, etc.

I hope you look into the New World Order, and see they cause these disasters, everything from war, to terrorism, to famine, to economic crisis.

you know the New World Order is planing a big disaster next month. I know there in Cali you will defiantly be affected by it. If you're interested in hearing me out, ask, otherwise you can wait and see.

Isle Dance said...

Good sharing. Way to go.

RAWVOLTA said...

Hi, Lori!

Totally adore your video - very interesting insights and spontaneous way of talking!

This weird feeling of not wanting to be satisfied is pretty close to me ;-)
I guess we are so occupied with chewing, having some snacks, resolving all emotional issues with eating, tasting..that once we don't feel the real hunger and all nutrients are working within us,we starting having this FEAR that we actually have to DO the deed without any further procrastination ( making something to eat, drink, some snacks..before we go and DO).
This is very interesting thing, to actually watch us having these hidden lazy, unsatisfied, scared personas even if we are not to aware of their existence!

And I believe in creating my own economy with every move I take and every choice I make, with every penny I spend.

Great video, Lori!
Wish You all the best!