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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inspired by Steve Pavlina

Last Friday, I was in Las Vegas and I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Pavlina at his home. I really didn't know much about Steve prior to our meeting. A friend on mine named Jon posted a blog in January stating that Steve Pavlina was doing a 30 day raw experiment. All I knew is that he posted blogs online and anyone who gives raw a chance is good in my books.

A few months later, I met him through an online website for raw food enthusiasts: GiveItToMeRaw.com. After we became acquainted, I became more curious. One day I was listening to a radio interview. I totally identified with him. We have very similar stories. I felt like I was listening to my own interview. It was strange. I wanted to know more. I knew I had plans to celebrate a birthday party in Las Vegas. It would be even better to meet him since I knew he lived there.

I decided to send an email out to Steve to see if he would be interested in meeting another raw food junkie. :) I hoped for the best but expected the worst. His response was music to my ears. He was available and agreed to meet. We planned to met at a raw restaurant, but then due to his juice feast he decided it would be best to meet at his home.I have to admit for a moment I was a bit put back that he invited me to visit him in his home.

I never meet "strangers" from the Internet, especially a man in his home. Then, I felt a sense of peace. First of all, that says so much about a person. I felt that he was truly generous and trusting. Our homes are out sanctuaries. I felt honored that from our brief interaction that he would invite me to meet there.

We exchanged stories and experiences over juice. During our chat, I mentioned there were a few things I didn't feel comfortable with sharing in a blog. After his encouraging words, I am taking his advice. I will be posting a blog about some of my biggest fears or just things I probably wouldn't normally share on the Internet. I truly feel that sharing my stories will be beneficial for my growth. I have been blogging occasionally on gaia, but nothing too personal, except every now and then. I have been inspired to share my experiences online in a more consistent and personal way. Here I go! I love vlogging (video blogging) and feel that I am better at expressing myself in video than in writing, so I will be doing both.

Steve sent me along my way with a copy of his book that I began reading as soon as I arrived back at the hotel room. I am looking forward to sharing the insight I receive from his book and what actions I am inspired to take as a result from his words. I agree that we cannot outgrow personal growth. I am fascinated be human potential and look forward to challenging myself to new levels of conscious living.

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