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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Super Veggie Dog!

I haven't purchased any dog food in over a year. I made the change that our dog eats the same stuff we do. I must admit, it is not only a money saver, but I feel in the long run she will not be bound by health ailments that older dogs these days are experiencing. I even feed her the pulp left over from juicing mixed with almond butter or olive oil. She loves it as you can see in this video!


Steven Pam said...

So, is your dog going to be totally vegetarian from now on?

lisa cole said...

my dogs are crazy about veggies, too ... my big, burly cattle dog stays really muscled and super shiny and healthy on veggies (and fruits, too!) ... that's a good idea, the broccoli stalks as "bones" ... xoxo

Lori Painter said...

My dog has been for over a year. She is doing amazing. Although, I know she catches little critters in the backyard and munches on them too!

Steven Pam said...

Interesting. I am "fishitarian" myself (although I often prefer to avoid fish as well) and have had a vegetarian or near-vegetarian dog in the past.

I interviewed a vet with a special interest in nutrition the other day for our TV show (www.houndtv.com).

I specifically asked him about vegetarian diets and he felt that it was very difficult (although not impossible) to fulfill a dogs' dietary needs without any meat.

The full story is scheduled to air on 17 December and should make it to the website/podcast a couple of weeks after that. Take a look and let me know what you think!