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Monday, November 17, 2008

Making Peas (Peace) with the Past

Inspired by Share Your Shame by Steve Pavlina and our chat during our recent visit . This is also inspired by Peas on Earth by Bunny Berry. I decided if I am participating in Peas on Earth, I should include making peas or Peace with my past.

So, call this what you will. It felt like a confessional video and after I uploaded it I felt a comforting sense of calm. It's a sense of not caring what others think, but being open and true to what I have lived to get to where I am today. I admit my past has been quite colorful, but it is only making my journey through life so much sweeter.

Like me or not, this is a part of what made me who I am. I love where I have been but even more where I am going.


Sarah said...

Hi Lori,

I'm totally inspired by your desire to make peace with your past. You wouldn't be here if you hadn't been there. Every piece of our past is like a stepping stone. If we change any part of it, then we'd end up somewhere else. I have some horrific things in my past, things that I'd hate for others to learn, but they are what brought me to where I am today. (I also had my first child at 19 and unmarried.) I'm proud of who I am becoming, so I have to accept where I have been. Thanks for sharing today :)

Steve said...

Awesome, Lori. You're a real inspiration to us all. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so honest and open, Lori. Lots of bells rang off in my head! I experienced a lot of the things you did on my journey through life but like you I wouldnt want to change a thing. The first half at least of what you shared could have been me ! I went on to a secret life of shame and being a holy joe into the bargain it was torture being me!!Hiding all the ugly stuff under a fake veneer of innocence. Now I am what I am and if its not GORGEOUS at least its INTERESTINg and gives me lots of scope for work! Loved it! Thanks.You are awesome.

TheAndySan said...

Hey Lori, I found your blog through one of Steve Pavlina's Tweets and subscribed!

@b said...

hey lori...truly inspirational stuff and it takes lot of courage and character to do something...hats off to you !

Michelle Pierson said...

Hi, I came across your blog from Steve Pavlina. I appreciate your candidness to share. I've have my own share of making 'peas' with the past and will one day share on the level you have. Thanks for the inspiration. ;-)

nashima said...

Hi Lori, you are showing a lot of courage and strength to talk so openly about your past. Very inspirational! You will have a lot of people thinking about making peace with their past which is so important and really wonderful : )

A M Wills said...

I'm subscribing!

infohwyman said...


Very inspirational. It's sort of ironic that most people have things in their lives that they would not want publicized, dragged out into the light of day, yet many of those same people display a real intolerance for others who don't subscribe to the life they lead, at least on the outside.

I am on a journey of cleansing, and have been running several blogs where I have begun to open myself to public dialog about my thoughts and the process I am going through. It is energizing and at the same time, calming, as you must feel, when you let it out yourself, on your own terms instead of letting someone else think they are exposing you and your past.

You are wonderful, just as you are, and getting better every day, because you are obviously trying.

Klemmer #94 Team Rachel said...

Lori, as you can see you are being inspirational. The comments alone indicate that. Steve was inspired. I am inspired to see you take steps to move to "the next level". Continue to seek Truth about yourself, your relationships, health etc. Now like Steve P. let's see where that takes you. Take care God bless and keep on keeping on. Never Give up!

GonzoTBA said...

Very well done.

Having eating many leftovers hasn't kept you from becoming a beautiful woman :-)

Keep on going.

Greetings from Spain.

munish said...


Really inspiring .

Munish Bhasin

New delhi


MoralChildfree said...

I used to be a stripper. What's wrong with being a stripper? If I had your looks I would probably still be a stripper. I plan to go back to it once I lose some weight.

Also being abused as a child is nothing to be ashamed of.

You look great btw.

Rahul Bhambhani said...

Hey Lori,

I'm really inspired by your courage, and I think it's awesome that you're able to share all of these things with tons of people on the internet.

Looks like you've come a long way from where you used to be. Congratulations :)


Rodrigo said...

Great post, congrats for the courage!


Raj said...

Hey Lori,
Guess what? I am _subscribing_ to your blog after watching your video :)
You are a real inspiration!

Bella said...

Very inspiring and I can't imagine anybody looking down on you for coming clean. Very admirable!