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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do You Love Your Body?

Isn't funny how quickly things can change when you shift your perspective from "I am not good enough so I MUST lose weight" to "I love myself so much that I want to treat my body with love and respect"? It's an empowering shift moving from a state of forcing your body to be a particular way to allowing your best body to come forth.

I remember losing 10 pounds EFFORTLESSLY in 2007. I didn't stick to any strict menu or have a set workout routine. I just focused on feeling good. I found that I was preoccupied with living and not the number on my scale. I did make it a point to sweat everyday, but that was as simple as cranking up the music and dancing while mopping my floors. Besides that my focus was just to stay happy. It wasn't long and everyone asked me how I went from 118 to 108. I felt sort of guilty because I didn't make that my primary focus. I didn't even try, it was just a by product of feeling good. I have decided to go back to that method after realizing that the egocentric way I have been TRYING this year so far hasn't given me the results I wanted. I remember that quote "Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over, and expecting different results."

I needed to shift into the heart. I have started looking at myself in a loving way. I have been focusing on what I do have and what I am thankful for. I am also paying more attention to what my body is able to do rather than how it looks.

Here are a few things I have been feeling lately:

I am so happy that my body is free of pain.
I am so thankful my body has healed from several injuries.
I am thankful this body has given birth to two amazing children.
I am thankful for my energy, youth, and vitality.
I am grateful that I can pick up sports with ease and participate in all sorts of recreational activities.
I am thankful for my feminine curves.
I am thankful I have found raw foods.
I am thankful I love being healthy.
I am thankful I love yoga and all forms of exercise.

I love my body and look forward to showing it how much I love it through giving it a little daily love and attention. Here is a great quote from my favorite yoga instructor, Bryan Kest "The integrity of the web is dependant on the resiliency of every strand".

Remember to take time to honor your body in more ways than the ones that affect you aesthetically.

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A Special thanks to Lenette Nakauchi who sent two videos that go along with this message:
Abraham on Weight & Abraham on Natural Weight Loss


Chantal said...

Thanks so much for this post Lori! This is exactly what I've been struggling with recently too. The first time I effortlessly got to where I wanted fitness-wise, it also just happened because of my purity of intention. Recently, I've too often felt like I'm running away from something bad rather than being happening and continuously moving towards something better in respect, and my results are really taking a hit for it.

And because I believe compliments should be given where they are due, I thought you might be entertained to know that every time I talk to my husband about your blog, I always differentiate it from the other ones I follow by referring to it as "the hot mom" blog :)

Lori Painter said...

Chantal! OMG, I just went to your site and saw your post that yesterday was "Love Your Body Day". I didn't even know that However, I guess I was picking up the vibes! LOL!

HA! I had a good giggle with your reference to my blog as "the hot mom" blog. Hmm... should I change my handle? LOL! J/K

I am honestly just thrilled that you bring up my blog in conversation. That was the true compliment there! :)

Thank you!

jen said...

Great post and made me think about how I treat my body in a different way. Well done for the video too!

Daniel said...

Hi Lori,
I couldn't agree more with your thoughts about not giving your power over to a number on a scale. We don't even own a scale in our home at all, and if I'm lucky I weigh myself once or twice a year.

Instead we try and measure our fitness and our bodies by what they can do (can we run a few miles without effort? Can we play tennis without getting exhausted? And so on). Form follows function.

Casual Kitchen

Jennie said...

Beautiful message, beautiful temple, thank you again for sharing and being real!


Thank you for your videos. I love how you speak so clearly. Can you do a video about what body products you use, including makeup? Have you checked out the www.cosmeticdatabase.com yet AWESOME SITE!! Also your take on women dying their hair from your prespective. Thanks again look forward to these videos in the future

Kathy said...

"Love the things that love you back." Brilliant.

I'm new to your work, but I am enjoying what I am seeing so far! Keep going!

Foskey said...

Thank you for this post!
A few months back I took this idea of loving myself into action. My spirit and relationships with others and myself have come full circle. Inspiring my husband to love himself took a bit of time....but he to has followed my example. "I stand in awe of my body."

anne said...

that was a great post Lori! i totally hear what your saying. for 10 years i could not loose the weight from my 2nd child. i had many negative thoughts running through my head every day about my appearance. i finally got down to heart of it- i don't deserve to loose this weight. i did some meridian tapping about it and started imagining how excited i'd be when the weight was off, and most importantly loving myself no matter how much i weighed.
i'm happy to say that after all these years, i finally lost the weight without much effort at all. it's amazing what beleiving in yourself and loving yourself no matter what can do.
your blog is always encouraging and a source of inspiration to me. thank you so much!
♥ anne

Ang said...

"AdaCaaNeA!" (Greetings)
I am new to your blog page and followed the link from your YT channel. I love your message and most importantly I love that you share "YOUR LOVE OF SELF" with all of us. This is priceless!

Thank you again Lori!