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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Conscious Growth Workshop Experience

I have been a bit in a stir since returning back home after the Conscious Growth Workshop. This event was truly a life shifting experience. It shed light on things that I didn't even realize were effecting me so deeply. It offered plenty of challenges, actions, and solutions to obstacles I have been facing. It challenged me to step up to the game of life and stop being a coward on things that I know my heart has been calling me to do just because it's safe.

In addition, the energy shift in the group was insane. I started Day 1 feeling a bit shy and out of my element. The exercises were challenging at first, but I gained confidence with each one. I realized how much in my head I have become and it is a nice shift to walk into this world with an open heart and a desire to give and share with others. At the end of Day 3 I was surrounded with love and support. I felt like I made a new family. People really opened up and shared themselves. Barriers and walls came down and people felt safe to be themselves. It was amazing to see the courage and willingness people expressed to grow in a way that brings fulfillment into their lives as well as contribute good to the world.

I am honored to have shared this experience with so many beautiful people and I look forward to seeing the growth that comes from being in alignment with Truth, Love and Power. Here are some of the realizations I had at the workshop and some practical actions I am applying into my life.

Realization 1
I have a limited social life offline.

I want to expand and interact with growth oriented people on a consistent basis.

Attend weekly social gatherings that support conscious growth.

Realization 2
I have given my power away by making excuses for why I am not engaging in a romantic relationship.

To enjoy an intimate physical relationship with a conscious man who challenges me and nurtures me as well.

Accept dating invitations.
Approach men that I am attracted to rather than shy away.

Realization 3
I feel very insecure about my body.

To feel like an empowered goddess and shine in the realization of who I am and the gifts that I have to share with others.

Compliment myself daily in the mirror for what I love rather than where I lack.
Honor my body with daily exercise.
To love foods that love me back (high green raw food diet)!

Realization 4
I waste time and feel scattered.

To make the most of my time, feel effective, & intentional.

Log my time for 24 hours
Do a 30 day trial to wake up by 6 AM & make the first hour of my day the most effective.

Realization 5
I feel comfortable yet complacent in my home life, but I am afraid to move.

To live in a more inspiring environment.

Set the intention and attract a better living environment.

Realization 6
Money does not dictate what my actions are. I refuse to allow the belief that I am limited by money.

I would like to attract financial abundance into my life. Live my life according to my intuition and not by my bank account balance.

Act on financial growth opportunities

Realization 7
I have been shying away from taking the next step with my career.
I fear public speaking.

To feel passionate and make a positive contribution.
To inspire people on a larger scale & do more public speaking on personal empowerment.

Engage in public speaking opportunities.
Share my life publicly and authentically.

I feel a stronger passion to live my truth and a desire with action steps that take me in the direction of my dreams. I encourage you to open yourself up to the life you deserve to live. I will be sharing my experiences along the way. I know that no one is perfect, but it's not about the end result but the journey along the way. It's about becoming more genuine and really connecting with people and taking actions that are worthy of me.

I am inspired to act! ;)


CAlex6977 said...

This is a great post Lori. I love hearing about how people go about solving their own issues. We all have those things that bother us or just weigh on our minds. I type them up in my blog now and then too. Thanks for sharing this with us. I share a couple of your realizations about life and cant wait to see how we work them out along the way. Peace and Love.

Erica Douglass said...

Great to meet you at the workshop and I hope we can connect "offline" (in the real world!) as well. :)

Daniel said...

Awesome. I am pulling for you and I know you will be successful!


Ashley said...

Great post! I share so many of the same obstacles in my own life! I felt like I was reading about myself...seriously! :)
Sounds like a great workshop that you attended. You are very much an inspiration, and you should most definitely take it to the next level!

Fiona Russell said...

Great post, Lori! You are drop-dead gorgeous; I always find it amazing when someone like you feels insecure about body image. You definitely have been holding back your own power... go forth and conquer! :)

Miguel said...

You do live your slogan Lori! This is both inspirational and so action oriented. I had the chance to witness how spontaneous you are, flipping out the camera all of a sudden, stepping up, and encouraging others to do the same (among them myself!).
Now we have your great readers to keep us accountable ;)
You are indeed an inspiration.

Sally Niosi said...

How wonderful to watch your video from the workshop. It recreated that incredible sense of oneness that Steve inspired us all to feel. I love the way you organized your "eureka" moments on your blog. I am going to do the same in a journal so that I have more direction and less chaos. My mind is still wheeling in circles as to what to do first as I have many changes I am making. I'll see you back here and on facebook. My gratitude is huge, thanks Lori, YOU ROCK!!

Brett said...

I feel a little weird typing this because I don't know you, but my intuition is telling me to give you the following idea:

With regards to attending weekly conscious growth meetings to meet like-minded people...have you ever thought of regularly hosting such a meeting yourself?

Who knows, maybe the rest of the realizations you mentioned will all get "handled" as a result...from the relationships you want, all the way up to speaking opportunities.

Just a thought, but it's fun to think about all of those solutions coming to you, rather than you going out looking for them, so to speak.

Lori Painter said...

CAlex- awesome! I look forward to seeing what works for you! ;)

Erica- yes, I have plenty of "virtual friends" but in person is so much more powerful. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Daniel- seriously your comment melted my heart! To know someone is cheering me on feels soooooo GOOOD! Thank you!

Ashley- The more I think about it I realize how many of us are in the same boat! Awesome that you identified. I can't wait to see how WE more forward. The workshop was just what I needed!

Fiona- again, you message rocked me! I have this "I CAN DO IT" attitude! ;) Sometimes it's scary & vulnerable to share how I feel, but often I am greeted with love and support!

Miguel- I told you Inspire2 Act is my life mission. It's who I am. Once I realize I can make better decisions... I gotta do it! I LOVE being spontaneous! That's when I feel the most passion!

Sally- I am so glad you saw the oneness in this post! I want you to send me a link when you have your blog! I too, get overwhelmed when I realize I have so much to work on. However, it's one bite at a time. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed I am frozen, but this time I decided to work smaller so I felt I could tackle them. Cheers to our growth!

Brett- YOU are right on! I know that is what would take me to another level. Just me hosting alone would bring so much growth for me! Thank you for getting over the weirdness of feeling like you don't know me, because your message hit home!

High_Life said...

Hi, Lori!

Just wanted to thank you here for putting these insights out into the world for all of us to see.

I enjoyed the few minutes we spent together at the workshop, and I have the feeling we're kindred spirits. :) I'm glad to know you and look forward to hopefully watching - and helping - you meet and move even beyond these goals!!


Shauna @ BreathingProsperity.com

P.S. OOOH, and for commenter Brett - thanks for the push! My own intuition is telling me I'm wimping out in looking for groups OTHERS have started...maybe I need to consider starting my own. It's a fairly strong hunch...

Anonymous said...


I loved reading your last few posts!! I totally feel the same way. I want to connect with more like-minded people that are living from their intuition and hearts rather than their heads..

I too, have gone through some major life changes. I just quit my job for no real reason and had a terrible, sad breakup with a long-term boyfriend.

I too want to inspire and help other and I too will NOT let my insecurities or other people's projected limitation about me get the best of me.

I feel like I am about to embark on something amazing and it is SO GREAT to know that others out there are about to do the same! Ah.. I could write to you all day because I feel as if you would completely understand what I am talking about.

Keep Writing! maybe one day we can connect and have a real earthly conversation = )

P.S. You're beautiful... in more ways than ONE! Don't forget that!!




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Dan Morelle said...

Thanks for posting about the workshop Lori. You're already a success!

fritz said...

Very nice realisations. It seems you got our money worth in the workshop.

Your realisations comprise things in all if not most of the important areas of oneself.

I'm happy to hear you have had these realisations and that you keep on with them.

Best of luck,

Kj said...

This is a fantastic post... and thanks so much for the video! I didn't attend the workshop but the main thing I've heard about it is that the energy was incredible --- the video backs that up 100% and I feel happier and more motivated just by watching it.

Bert Meert said...

Inspirational post Lori, thank you for sharing!

I've been hearing so many good things about Steve's workshop and am planning to meet up with people, who live right here in Belgium, to talk to them about it and how they experienced it. And with a bit of luck they will convince me to join in on one of his workshops some day.

Have an excellent day, Bert!

PS: I also want to invite you over at bertmeert.com, it's my small contribution to blogging and personal growth.