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Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket

This is just another example of how things are going when I am in alignment with higher consciousness. It's a place of trust and listening to that inner voice that guides you in the direction you want to be in.

I have been riding a blissed out state lately. I have made the decision to live in the magic of life and honestly, it is proving it to me. If only everyone remembered this what a wonderful world this would be. However, my world has been rocking out so I know I am making a difference just by changing my own conscious state.

So, when was the last time you worked out your soul? C'mon now, I dare you to give it a shot. Start strengthening your higher self by just remembering who you are and knowing it is all here for you. Let it happen!

So, how do you get out of a traffic ticket: INTEND IT! Ask and it is Given! It's granted as soon as you ask, so just let it play out (aka allow it)!


Anonymous said...

love it. I am going through a divorce and I have used everything you talked about and it has been given. Vision!
I loved your make up. I wish you would show how you do it from totally step one.

Anonymous said...

How to break the law with "the secret".

Pretty blond gets out of a ticket and tells everyone else how to use "intentions"